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Favre and Favreita July 21, 2015

I didn’t think I would ever go back to Green Bay after my Dad died.

Truthfully, I knew I would never go back. There was no reason to go back. What made Green Bay so exceptional and so very special to me was gone. My Dad was gone, and as silly as it might seem to you reading this Brett Favre was gone, the two things I loved most about that special place were gone, I had no intention of ever going back. I mean sure, in passing I would talk about going to a game but I never sought out tickets, I would talk about the upcoming games on social media but I could barely watch most of them.

Then something happened.

After all the turmoil, after all the hurt feelings, after all the trades, talks, jerseys, trash, arrogance, blood, sweat and tears I saw something I thought I would never see.

Brett Favre and the Packers were talking. Talking about him coming back to Green Bay to retire his #4 and induct him into the Packers Hall Of Fame.

Well, I wasn’t planning on that curveball Brett…WTF?

I remember watching an interview with Greta Van Susteren (who has covered Brett for years) during that interview he said something about being inducted into the Packers Hall Of Fame and what a special moment it would be. Then Greta asked something about opening it up to the fans of Green Bay, to be able to see one of the best quarterbacks ever to play come back to where it all started in Green Bay and see it all for themselves.

I think Brett said “well hell, why not?”

It was almost like he was daring the Packers organization on national television to say no, which I really enjoyed, because if they said no, it would just give me more ammunition to not buy the NFL Sunday Ticket this year.

But the Packers said yes…and my mind exploded.

I remember telling Mr D, if they open this up, I’ll be there. That’s exactly what the Packers did, they opened Lambeau Field to the fans to watch Brett Favre get his number retired and get inducted into the Packers Hall Of Fame (which has never happened at the same time for any player – by the way.) I remember sitting on my bed watching the timer tick down on Ticketmaster, the moment it hit zero I hit refresh and began to enter in my info. I held my breath until I got the ticket confirmation, once I had the email, I sat in the middle of my bed and thought what have I done?

Getting the tickets was easy, even though 67,000 seats were sold in two hours, that part, piece of cake. Going to that stadium, being there, I didn’t really think that part through.

I told everyone though, I told every person I knew I was going to Green Bay. It seemed like some kind of dream I was daring life to take away from me, I never really thought it was going to happen, at least that is what I kind of told myself.  Then I saw this on the Packers website the day I came back to Green Bay:


Seriously…What The Hell?

One thing I do know about myself is that I’m a stubborn ass, but I also hold passion, conviction and loyalty in high regard. I can understand why Favre left the Packers, I can understand why people in Green Bay hated him for it. There was a line drawn across Lombardi Avenue, not necessairly when he went to the Jets, but when he went to Minnesota that some Packer fans could not understand, but I could. In my opinion he was left with no options, I know what that feels like. So he did what he could do at the time under his circumstances while still doing what he loved to do, again.. I understand that logic.

Entering Lambeau Field was suffocating, it was like all the hurt, all the tears, all the mistakes, all the pain, everything that has happened since my Dad died was on the back of my Favre jersey on display for everyone to see. I cried, wiping away the tears trying not to draw any attention to the panic I was feeling.

Then it happened, Brett Favre walked out of the tunnel in Green Bay and 67,000+ people couldn’t stop cheering. He was speechless, he looked around the packed stadium with tears in his eyes like everything that happened since the summer of 2007 suddenly the universe made right.

He said “I could thank all of you until tomorrow, and it would never be enough.”

Because of Brett Favre and the Packers forcing my hand I was able to go back to Lambeau Field. I was able to experience something with my husband and son that otherwise probably would have never happened. I was able to go back on a tour of the stadium and see the absolute wonder in my son’s eyes as he came out of the Packer’s tunnel into the sunlight of that magnificent stadium my dad and I loved so very much.

Before we left, we were able to find my Dad’s brick outside of Lambeau, a present for his 60th birthday.


greenbay johnno

Thank you. I could say it until tomorrow, but it would never be enough….


Dogs and Spirits April 22, 2013

Johnno at Lambeau

Johnno at Lambeau

While I was dishing about my Food Network addiction earlier on Twitter something else happened. Some of you might find this a bit bizarre and that’s ok. By now I’m use to the questions or comments I get sometimes after I spill my guts all over the social media world. Don’t mind me while I spill, again.

I’ve heard more than several times in my life that dogs can see spirits, or ghosts, whatever you care to call it. I don’t like the word ghost, especially after my dad passed away. I’m sorry, I just don’t see Johnno floating around in some Casper-like state. Whenever I think of him I always think of him in jeans and a Packers or green golf shirt. That was standard issue Johnno garb. Another thing I don’t see my Dad in is wings. I can just picture my Dad entering the gates of heaven and giving a big “Hell No” to St. Peter as he tries to give my Dad wings. Wings the group he liked, the feathery things, not so much.

I believe in an after life. I believe when our time comes that we will see the loved ones that we have lost in our lifetime. I have to believe that, I have to believe that A LOT. I also believe that every once in a while spirits like to have a little fun with those of us here on earth. Us and our pets.

I have a leather couch it seats three comfortably. When my Dad was over watching a Packers game everyone had their “assigned” seats. They weren’t really assigned, but you would have thought they were if you came over to my house every Sunday. I sat in the middle, my Dad to my left, and Mr. D to my right. I still sit in the middle, and Mr. D still sits on the right. We don’t do it on purpose, we’ve just did it that way for a number of years, I guess it’s a tradition. My dog Shayla takes up Johnno’s now empty spot. It’s where she crashes out for 18 hours a day. Seriously, I think my dog is part cat.

Anyway while I was confessing my Food Network addiction on twitter Shayla was nuzzled up right next to me, which is weird. She really only does that with Mr. D or Kameron, Sam when she’s home. I really hadn’t noticed she was there until her tail started the happy thump. Then she looked up in the air and started licking the air, like someone had put their hand in the air in front of her and she started to go to town on it. I sat and watched her thinking she had lost her mind, but she kept at it, for like two minutes. I said “Shayla what are you doing” she stopped to look at me but went right back to it. I thought of my Dad, he would always pet Sha-na-na (as he called her) when he sat down and she would lick his hand. I decided to put my hand above her to see if she would lick it, nope. When I took my hand away the tail thumping and air licking continued. I closed my eyes and placed my hand on the left seat of my couch, expecting it to be cool to the touch. It was warm, like someone had been sitting there. Then Shayla stopped her licking and put her head down.

I think my Dad can sense when I need him around. Sometimes it’s an unexpected penny. Sometimes the lights go off. Sometimes he plays with my dog. Whenever those things, and other things happen I smile because I know he’s with me. Someday we’ll be together again.


You Did Not!!!…….. January 16, 2012

For those of you that clicked on this link thinking that I was going to do another debate about whether or not someone my age should wear glitter nail polish, I’m going to apologize right now. That is not what this post is about at all. My most popular post to date was my glitter nail polish blog, after that it was about my faith in God. This post has absolutely nothing to do with either one of those subjects, so if you’re mad at me, I will say “I’m sorry.” If you’re interested in sports at all, I would encourage you to read on. If not, click the next link.

The title of this blog post should be “I Will Never See The Green Bay Packers Win In Indianapolis.”

Why? I never have. The only games I’ve seen in Indianapolis have been with my Dad, and now that he’s gone, I doubt I will ever see a Packers win in Indianapolis.

I was pretty psyched when I got “Media Day” tickets for the upcoming Super Bowl in Indy. I thought for sure that the Packers would be in the final game. Until the other day. I don’t know what it was, but I got a really bad feeling about the game. Everyone thought, surely a win for the Packers. Getting the “Bye” week, enduring the fatal misfortune of their Offensive Coordinators son, the team was together. It was their time, at home, a team they beat earlier this year, no doubt about it.

Damn it all, I know better.

November 16, 1997. In Indianapolis, the year after they won the Super Bowl. My Dad and I were STOKED. We had tickets to the game, an opportunity to see our favorite team, and Quarterback, in our home town. No doubt in our mind we would witness a Packers win…

“Cary Blanchard’s fourth field goal of the game, a 20-yarder as time expired, lifted the Indianapolis Colts to their first win of the season, a 41-38 upset of the defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers.

Colts quarterback Paul Justin, who threw for a career-high 340 yards, completed two passes to tight end Ken Dilger for 55 yards on the drive, including a 28-yarder to the Green Bay 1. Justin downed the ball three times to run the clock before Blanchard came on.

“We decided to kneel on the ball,” said Justin about the decision not to go for the touchdown in the final seconds. “The way our luck has been going this year, we could have fumbled the ball. Go ahead and put it in Cary’s hands; if he missed it was meant to be, but he made it.”

Who the hell is Paul Justin?

“I’ll answer the question now — we were not looking ahead to the Dallas game,” said Favre. “We felt we should have won. We put up a lot of points. We had a lot of fans here — maybe more than them.”

I can confirm, the Packers had more fans there at a Colts home game, no question about it.

Fast forward to the last game my Dad and I saw together.

September 26. 2004. A shoot-out. An incredible shoot-out between Favre and Manning. Even behind a pillar at the RCA Done, Dad and I cheered on our Packers in spite of the derogatory comments from Colts fans. For all of you Colts Fans, you can kiss my ass. I was embarrassed to be from Indianapolis and treated in such a way that I felt ashamed to be from Indianapolis.) I’ve heard from people “you should be happy you didn’t go to Kansas City, or to Dallas, or to New York.” To all of those people I will say; you’re stupid. I’m ok with friendly – even a little hostile banter. If I can’t handle that I have no business being at a football game in the first place. I would NEVER EVER call a person cheering for the visiting team the things I was called in my home town – Period.

“INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Peyton Manning and Brett Favre threw nine touchdown passes between them and weren’t even the heroes.

Manning threw for 393 yards and five first-half touchdowns. Favre threw for 358 yards and four TDs and the Packers rallied from an 18-point halftime deficit to within a touchdown.

The game started with five touchdown passes in the first 11 minutes, three by Manning and two by Favre, a pace that would have added up to 175 points between them if they had kept going. Indianapolis threw 22 passes and did not have a running play in the first quarter as Manning and Favre aired it out.”

It was an incredible game. I’m not kidding. I was telling Mr. D the scope of the game tonight, and it still gives no justice to what an amazing football game it was. Besides that, how happy I was to have shared it with my Dad.

Now I’m convinced that I will never see at Packers win in Indianapolis.

I was hopeful…. that I would be able to see the Packers at Media Day in Indy. It would have meant a lot to me, damnit.

I’ll arrive at Media Day with my Favre jersey on, and a few Bloody Mary’s ingested – just to celebrate… What? I’m not really sure. I’ll figure it out.