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Sometimes My Son Reappears December 13, 2013

We’ve had growing pains, Kameron and I. I don’t like that he’s not my sweet little boy that he once was, and he doesn’t like that his mom is extremely hard on him. Thankfully, every once in awhile that sweet boy comes back, if even for a moment. Tonight he did, and I thought I would share.

Assignment: Write a letter to a Kindergartner from Santa about Christmas.

“Dear Kindergartner,

I am delighted that you wrote me this letter of your Christmas list this year. My elves are working on making and buying all the other children’s presents for this year, including yours. Mrs. Clause is in her kitchen baking cookies and our feast for Christmas Eve, which is full of mashed potatoes, green beans, pudding, and roast beef. Our weather in the North Pole is freezing compared to Indiana. The polar bears are cold even in their fur coats, the penguins are hiding in their igloos, and even the reindeer are feeling like icicles. Dasher is running all around the house. Dancer is dancing his hooves off. Prancer is not prancing but pacing. Prixen is eating all of the Twix chocolate bars. Comet is trying to fly across the sky. Cupid is showing love to me and everyone else in the North Pole. Donder is bonding himself with joy. Blitzen is sprinting at the speed of light. Rudolph is shining his nose to show positive energy. Meanwhile, I am checking my list to see who was naughty and nice.

I am getting ready with my sleigh, my sack of presents and coal, and I will be at your house very soon.

Thank you for writing this letter of your list to me and have a Merry Christmas.



That’s my boy….


The Old Gentleman At Walmart February 26, 2013

There are few things that Kameron hates more than to going to Walmart with me after school, but not many. He would like nothing more than to have me just pick him up and taxi him straight home. After a long, hard day of middle school a teenager just wants to go home and relax.

To tell you the truth I don’t like going with him. It’s a pain. All I want to do is zip through, pick up the things that I need, and get out of there. When we do go together inevitably Kameron will get distracted by someone or something and it will prolong our stay. And Walmart, ugh..Walmart is pure hell. It doesn’t seem to matter which Walmart we go to something always happens there.

When I saw Kameron coming towards my car today he already looked dishevelled. He spent the weekend at his fathers house which means lack of sleep. He went to bed late last night. Got up early this morning, and has been in school all day (poor kid.) I knew he was tired and I knew he wouldn’t like hearing we were going to Walmart. I told him that we had to stop by there, he said “REALLY??” “Mom, I just want to go home.” I told him I understood and we were just going really quick. He heaved a heavy sigh as to say why are you doing this to me?? I got it, loud and clear kiddo.

Just for good measure I grabbed one of the hand held baskets instead of getting a shopping cart. He looked at me like I was serious – I was serious – Dr. Phil comes on at four o’clock.

We walked past the deli which was busy, I told him we would come back to that.  Cruising through the bread and coffee aisle I was feeling pretty good. I grabbed the coffee that Mr. D likes and we were on our way to the pasta aisle. I had almost rounded the corner when I noticed that Kameron was stopped in the middle of the aisle (distracted by the dreaded snack cake.) I also noticed an elderly gentleman with a Walmart vest on pushing a large broom down the left side of the aisle. I touched Kameron’s arm and said “excuse us” to the worker. He smiled at us and said “it’s ok.” Kameron grabbed his snack cakes and we started to walk away.

Then the gentleman said “he’s almost as tall as you now.”sed kad standing Which made me turn to look and see if I knew him,  I didn’t. I smiled and said jokingly “I didn’t need to hear that today.” He winked at Kameron and said “sorry mom, he’s almost got you beat, but you knew he was going to be taller than you anyway.” Kameron and I found ourselves walking with this old gentleman while he continued to talk to us. “How old are you now 12, 13?” I said “he’s almost 14.” “Fourteen” he said, “you look very smart.” Kameron was just standing there, I nudged him and he said “thank you.” We all stopped together in the middle of the store. The man propped his broom at his side and said “stay in school, it’s very important for a smart young man like you to stay in school.” Kameron nodded a yes, and I said “you’re getting pretty good advise here bud.” I smiled at the man and told him to have a good day and went on about our shopping.

There was something very familiar about that man. When I heard “he’s almost as tall as you now” it made the hair on my arms stand up.

sed kad2

 It’s exactly like something my Dad would have said.

I guess it’s time to face the facts (for real this time.) Kameron is getting older, and yes more than likely he will be taller than me.sed kad1

But he’s not taller yet.


Being A Grown Up Sucks October 19, 2012

Remember when you were 12 and you wanted to be 13? Thirteen was teenager status! Remember when you were 15 and wanted so badly to be 16? Sixteen meant you could drive! The next big one was 21 then you could drink legally. Which might not have ended up so great after your head being in a toilet for an hour, not that I would know.

So then 25 hits. Twenty-five was really hard for me. Not 30, hell I don’t care that I’m going to be 40 next year. Twenty-five felt like I was too old to be young and to young to be old. It really freaked me out. All of the sudden I felt this crazy pressure to be responsible. Which really wasn’t too far of a stretch, I was always pretty responsible. Being responsible can suck sometimes too.

So as I sit here on the rainy, cold, Friday I’ve been examining what’s happened over the last month that would equal suckage as a grownup.

First my dishwasher broke. Not that it’s that much of a big deal, I can wash dishes, and did until we could afford a new dishwasher. An extra expense we weren’t counting on, but as adults we brush it off and move on. Sucks.

Then I was getting really excited when I realized my Jeep was going to be paid off at the end of the year. No car payments! The thought is very exciting don’t you think? Then Mr. D got into a car accident. The guy at the body shop said it would cost us more money to fix the car than to just get rid of it. So we got a “new to me” car. Again, another expense we weren’t counting on, brush it off, move on. Sucks.

A few weeks later when it started to get cold we decided to turn on the furnace one night. I woke up the next morning to find it was 50 degrees in my house! We have a guy that does our air conditioning and furnace stuff, so I had Mr. D give them a call. They came out, the mother board on the furnace is fried, needs to be replaced. They came back replaced the mother, gave us a really good deal on it – Thank You God. Yet again, another expense we weren’t counting on, brush it off, move on. Sucks.

Today I’m getting my water softener replaced. We have a guy for that too that is really good, always gives us a good deal. Water softeners aren’t cheap. We got the mid-range water softener hopefully it will last a while. Another expense we weren’t counting on, brush it off, move on. Sucks.

So when I hear my son say “I can’t wait to be a grown-up” I chuckle to myself. For what? Is what I’d really like to ask him. Then I’d tell him to stick with school, friends, and the x-box – you’ll be a grown-up soon enough.

And sometimes it sucks.