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Sometimes My Son Reappears December 13, 2013

We’ve had growing pains, Kameron and I. I don’t like that he’s not my sweet little boy that he once was, and he doesn’t like that his mom is extremely hard on him. Thankfully, every once in awhile that sweet boy comes back, if even for a moment. Tonight he did, and I thought I would share.

Assignment: Write a letter to a Kindergartner from Santa about Christmas.

“Dear Kindergartner,

I am delighted that you wrote me this letter of your Christmas list this year. My elves are working on making and buying all the other children’s presents for this year, including yours. Mrs. Clause is in her kitchen baking cookies and our feast for Christmas Eve, which is full of mashed potatoes, green beans, pudding, and roast beef. Our weather in the North Pole is freezing compared to Indiana. The polar bears are cold even in their fur coats, the penguins are hiding in their igloos, and even the reindeer are feeling like icicles. Dasher is running all around the house. Dancer is dancing his hooves off. Prancer is not prancing but pacing. Prixen is eating all of the Twix chocolate bars. Comet is trying to fly across the sky. Cupid is showing love to me and everyone else in the North Pole. Donder is bonding himself with joy. Blitzen is sprinting at the speed of light. Rudolph is shining his nose to show positive energy. Meanwhile, I am checking my list to see who was naughty and nice.

I am getting ready with my sleigh, my sack of presents and coal, and I will be at your house very soon.

Thank you for writing this letter of your list to me and have a Merry Christmas.



That’s my boy….


Who Wins “Wife Of The Year” – I Do….. December 22, 2011

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I’m sneaky, and I know it….

I was trying to finish up Mr. D’s Christmas shopping yesterday.  What do you get the man who doesn’t need anything?  Frustrated, wracking my brain I turned to The Twitter.

Then I saw a tweet – Colts Tickets from Scott Wise.  I remember Mr. D saying he would like to go to a game this year (even though the Colts suck.)  Then the planning began….

I DM’ed Scott about the tickets, told him I wanted them and made arrangements to pick them up today.  Yesterday while all of this was going on I told Mr. D that Kameron’s school had a Washington D.C. meeting tomorrow night (just to make sure he didn’t have anything else going on – Mr. D is in charge of the Washington D.C. meetings.)  He put the meeting on the calendar, no questions asked, and my plan was in motion.  Surprise him with tickets, pre-game reservations made at Iaria’s – then him and Kameron are off to the game.  PERFECT!

Kameron and I went up to Scotty’s headquarters to pick up the tickets.  Mr. D mentioned that he was having lunch at Palomino this afternoon, so I knew exactly where he would be to surprise him with the tickets.  My intention was to pack his Colt’s shirt, jeans, a hat, and his comfy shoes and deliver those items and the tickets when he was finishing up lunch.  Sucker already wore his Colts shirt to work – one less thing to pack.

Kameron and I scoped out Palomino, found where he was sitting, and the sneak attack was on.

Slightly surprised to see us, Mr. D was very happy to see the tickets and hear of our reservation at Iaria’s.

Boom – I just got that – Wife Of The Year….