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Sometimes My Son Reappears December 13, 2013

We’ve had growing pains, Kameron and I. I don’t like that he’s not my sweet little boy that he once was, and he doesn’t like that his mom is extremely hard on him. Thankfully, every once in awhile that sweet boy comes back, if even for a moment. Tonight he did, and I thought I would share.

Assignment: Write a letter to a Kindergartner from Santa about Christmas.

“Dear Kindergartner,

I am delighted that you wrote me this letter of your Christmas list this year. My elves are working on making and buying all the other children’s presents for this year, including yours. Mrs. Clause is in her kitchen baking cookies and our feast for Christmas Eve, which is full of mashed potatoes, green beans, pudding, and roast beef. Our weather in the North Pole is freezing compared to Indiana. The polar bears are cold even in their fur coats, the penguins are hiding in their igloos, and even the reindeer are feeling like icicles. Dasher is running all around the house. Dancer is dancing his hooves off. Prancer is not prancing but pacing. Prixen is eating all of the Twix chocolate bars. Comet is trying to fly across the sky. Cupid is showing love to me and everyone else in the North Pole. Donder is bonding himself with joy. Blitzen is sprinting at the speed of light. Rudolph is shining his nose to show positive energy. Meanwhile, I am checking my list to see who was naughty and nice.

I am getting ready with my sleigh, my sack of presents and coal, and I will be at your house very soon.

Thank you for writing this letter of your list to me and have a Merry Christmas.



That’s my boy….


I Always Wanted A…. July 28, 2012


But not just any boy, I wanted a quarterback. You know that bit that Bill Cosby does when he’s talking about his son, teaching him how to be tough. One part of it he tells him “now go over there and bite that tree.” Towards the end of the bit Cosby’s son is playing in a football game, as he describes it “he just runs over everybody, scores a TD, the TV camera is in his face and his son says “hi mom!”

That’s what I wanted then.

So we tried it out, first it was soccer, which was miserable. Kameron would end up kicking rocks or grabbing weeds in the field. He did have one shining moment when the ball accidentally came to him, he picked it up, ran to our teams goal, sat the ball down and kicked it in. He was so proud of himself, and I was thinking when is the season over?

Then there was baseball. Which he played for several years. He was decent, not great by any stretch of the imagination. Baseball was fun, until kid pitch came around. Kameron would stand up at the plate terrified that he might get hit by a wild pitch. I don’t even think he swung the bat that season. So much for baseball.

Football, finally, football. He wasn’t tall enough to be a quarterback, he wasn’t big enough for defense. So they stuck him on the line or the sidelines if he really was bad that day. Kameron was afraid to get tackled, doesn’t really work in a contact sport like football. My dreams of Kameron being interviewed by ESPN after a game winning touchdown went right down the toilet.

There had to be something this kid liked to do besides play video games. At a very early age I noticed that Kameron could memorize things. I mean anything, well anything if he was interested in it. When my mom said something to me about a theater camp at Roncalli I thought why not? Gets him out of the house, he can meet some new people, he likes to sing and dance, sounds good. The play was Godspell Junior that year. My dad and I took turns picking him up everyday from practice. I would ask how it was going, if he was having fun. The answer was always the same “Yes.” I figured ok, maybe we’ll do this again next year.

The night of the play we really didn’t know what to expect. Kameron hadn’t mentioned any special part that he might have. As far as we knew he was a background singer/dancer. About midway through the play Kameron came running out to the middle of the stage and grabbed the microphone. My family gasped as he started to sing, and he was good! My dad was sitting next to me, he poked me and said “I think Kameron has found his calling.” Afterwards basking in his own glory I asked Kameron “why didn’t you tell me you had a singing part?” I think his answer was “I wanted to surprise you.” Well kiddo you knocked my socks off that night.

Last year Roncalli did “Into The Woods” which Kameron had watched several times and read the book. His mind was made up, he wanted the part of the wolf. I told him “Go in there an believe you already have the part, you can do it, it’s the perfect part for you.” After tryouts the instructor said “he did his lines without the script in front of him, I’ve never had anyone do that before.” I just smiled and said “he believed he already had the part.” 

This year was Seussical The Musical Jr. After picking him up the first day I asked “do you know who you want to be yet?” He said “it’s hard to decide, there are a lot of fun parts, but I think I would like to be Horton.” Horton I later found out was the biggest part in the play. Confidently I told him “you can have that part, you’ve already made up your mind haven’t you?” He just smiled and shook his head yes.

Kameron was serious about this part. Every night I would walk by his room and he would be reading and highlighting his lines. He was diligent, now if I could just transfer that energy to seventh grade math.

Two performances both perfect. My little elephant. I felt a tear roll down my face when he started to sing, I was so proud of him. Afterwards everyone told him what a great job he did. He thanked everyone gracefully he loved all the attention he was getting. I just stood there beaming with mom joy.

A quarterback? Please. Aren’t there too many of those in the world anyway?