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15 February 8, 2016

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15 eggs. That’s what the specialist told my sister Ashley she had in her ovaries. After weeks of pills and injections, 15 eggs is what she has.

15 chances to become a mother.

I have to be honest, I’m suffocating. I’m overwhelmed by fear; I have absolutely no control over this situation.

I hate it. I seriously hate this. It’s complete bullshit that my sister has to go through this. I wish I could hug her hard enough to maybe take this burden from her and put it on my shoulders. That really is the worst part; I would rather go through this myself. Sitting on the sidelines, watching my sister enduring this, being strong for everyone else. She must be screaming on the inside; I know I have.

I gave her an extra hug when she left tonight after watching the Super Bowl with the D’s. I wish I knew what was going to happen, I wish I knew what the bottom line was. Not knowing is like a personal hell for me.

I’d appreciate prayers, good thoughts, mojo, chanting, you know; you do you.

Chemo starts Wednesday.