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Primitive Pleasures Candles September 18, 2012

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Move over Yankee Candle, seriously, you’re in Primitive Pleasures Way.

I fell in love with these candles a couple of years ago at Anderson Orchard Pleasant View location. My mistake was I only bought one $12.00 jar candle. That’s right, not a $20.00 Yankee Candle, twelve bucks! After burning my Creme Brulee candle for a day I realized I needed more! Presents, one for every room in my house! (Although you don’t need it – the rich, delightful smell covers the entire house.) I went back to the orchard, apparently the word had spread because they were all gone!

I immediately went home to look up their website – they don’t have one. Looked up a phone number and contacted them. I spoke with a very kind gentleman that thanked me for calling and expressed appreciation for finding their company and my desire to have more of their delicious smelling candles.  I ordered only six (big mistake.) I asked the gentleman about having a website or a Facebook page in order to boost sales. He said he appreciated it, but just wasn’t interested at this time.  I was ready to give him my credit card number when he said he would send the candles and just send me an invoice for the balance. Was he kidding? Apparently not, I got my candles in just a few days with a thank you written on the invoice and a few of their other smaller candles to sample. Really.

This year I planned ahead to go to the orchard to get my candles, and perhaps a caramel apple. Got there, looked around no Creme Brulee candles to be found. I inquired with the people working the counter. They informed me they received a delivery earlier, 24 candles, one woman came in and bought them all earlier that day. Seriously?

So I called (I really love these candles.) Spoke to the same kind gentleman. Ordered my candles, no shipping cost. I got them today, sent out their check. I already have a delicious smell throughout my house. I love these candles!!  My surprise this year is a Cinnamon Bun Fragrance Oil. Smelled it, yum!!

I’m not crazy, I asked them about promoting their product on Facebook. They said they were happy with the business they had, and appreciated my business.

Damn if they don’t have the best candles.
Primitive Pleasures Candles

4871 East CR 900 South

Cloverdale, Indiana 46120



2 Responses to “Primitive Pleasures Candles”

  1. Reminds me of the St. Sixtus Abbey monks and their beer—they only brew enough to live on.

  2. debi johnson bunch Says:

    I want some..Can you hook me up??? Which smells the best? Do they have any with VANILLA in them? I to love the smells of fall and Spices apples cinnamon buns buns especially..Although I always want to eat one lol..Thank you for sharing with us..I think you must be an amazing person.Your husband and Kameron your son are blessed to have you. A loving kind warm delightful and intelligent woman. Very rare these days. Where people have to schedule in a simple call. They atent aware theyre not living life..theyre just flying through it..Youre amazing!! Thanks again for
    the great stories and sharing great finds…like yourself!

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