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Momma On Alert August 29, 2012

My son like most 13 year olds loves to play video games. These games seem limitless. Like there is the game Mind (something) that never ends. I mean never? Something has to end at some point, but Kam has assured me that it never ends. The thing with these new games is that they’re interactive, not just with the game, but with other people. People who he goes to school with, which is no big deal. I know his friends, he can get on his head set and chat it up with them all day long. It’s the people who might jump on that bother me. Problem is, I watch the news. I know a sheriff that targets sex offenders that prey on kids like my son. Unfortunately, from personal experience, I know how really sick these people are.

So when Kam told me he was playing a game last night with a few of his friends, I asked who he was playing with. He named a few names that I recognized and one that I didn’t. I asked him about that person, what his name was, where he went to school. He knew his name, but that was pretty much it. Kam doesn’t get too involved in details.

I sat down with Kam and told him that because he didn’t know this person very well (which means at all in parent language) that he should not give him any information about himself. No phone numbers, no addresses, no school information, nothing. Kam seemed to understand. I told him that I was trying to protect anything from happening to him, he shook his head to show me that he understood. Then, I asked Kam if anyone had brought up anything that made him feel uncomfortable. He said “no.” I told him that if anyone, even someone he knew said something to him that made him upset or uncomfortable to let me know immediately. He promised he would, hugged me, and went back to his game.

It’s scary doing everything you can to protect your child without sounding like a neurotic parent. The world is so different now than when I grew up. We didn’t have the freedoms or the virtual reach that our children do now. Add that in with an irresponsible parent that would leave their child in steaming hot car because “they forgot.”

I will do anything to protect my child. I want him to have friends and freedom. Just as long as Momma knows what’s going on, we’re good.


2 Responses to “Momma On Alert”

  1. Chris Hadley Says:

    When I was a kid, the talk was as simple as don’t get in the car with a stranger and don’t eat food from someone you don’t know. It’s so much more complicated now!

  2. The “world is different now” argument comes up frequently.

    I feel like there are two more reasonable explanations. First, it seems like the world always had dangers, but we know more about them because of media proliferation. I mean, there have been sex offenders for ages but now we get amber alerts and pictures plasted on the news and there are online registries. Maybe the world was always this scary, we just didn’t know to be scared.

    The other theory is that when we were kids, we didn’t know we were being protected. Maybe our parents made choices—consciously or instinctively—that helped keep us out of trouble.

    Or, maybe the world IS more dangerous. Sounds like a question I need to ask some day to 2,000 of my closest Facebook friends…

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