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Eggs – Can I Get A Little Help? July 26, 2012

I love reading Nuvo.

It’s an every Wednesday grab for me. What I need to know for food, entertainment, and all the strip club adds in the city Nuvo’s got it.

This particular advertisement grabbed my attention because it had my doctor’s logo on it. Egg Donors Needed, I read on. The short story is if you’re a healthy, non-smoking woman between the age of 21-31 people would like your eggs. I’m not talking about the kind you crack either. It seems that they are willing to pay a nice amount of money for said eggs (up to three large.) I looked at the age limit again and cursed myself for not knowing about this years ago.

So I was talking to a friend earlier and told her about the advertisement. She said “you would do that?” I said “hell yes.” I think she kinda freaked out. Then she said “so you would just do that, you could have children of yours walking around and you wouldn’t know about them?” I explained to her that I really didn’t feel that way about it. My thought is I would be helping someone who wanted a child but could not have one without my eggy help. I think that she said something about me being crazy (duh) and something about hell, but I really wasn’t paying attention to her anymore.

I hung up the phone and thought what an idiot. The idiot being her and not me of course. I mean guys make sperm donations. Which is a lot more gross by the way, and I’m pretty sure they don’t get paid that much to do “it,” and they enjoy it for crying out loud.

It did make me curious. How do you feel about this? Would you donate your eggs to help a stranger experience the joys of parenthood? Poopy diapers, tears, snot, vomit, boogers, warm hugs, unexpected kisses, uncontrolled laughter, utter amazement, pure love.

Either way, I’m cutting out the add to give to my step-daughter. I mean what college student couldn’t use 3k?


3 Responses to “Eggs – Can I Get A Little Help?”

  1. Marcia Says:

    Well, I think that the best reason to do it is because you want to help someone have a baby who can’t have one naturally. I have heard that you really earn the money doing this because you have to take a lot of hormones (maybe injections… can’t remember) and the harvesting process is painful and potentially dangerous. It’s actually much, much easier for men to donate sperm.

    That said, the money would be nice. I don’t think that this is a “going-to-hell” offense by any means. And if you had a bunch of kids running around in the world, that’s okay. This sort of thing, to me, would be far less problematic than going through a whole pregnancy and then giving a kid up for adoption. I’d think that during the pregnancy I’d become attached to the kid and not want to give it up. With eggs, though, you don’t get attached and you’re doing someone a big favor. That’s great.

  2. skidoorn2000 Says:

    Heck ya! I would love to be able help someone else enjoy all the sleepless nights, crying, poopy diapers and putting my car keys in the freezer kind of days; because in the end, I would have helped someone else bring joy into their life, as I have my own. šŸ˜‰ but as luck has it I’m WAY past age requirements.

  3. Keep in mind that this is an incredibly invasive procedure. I’ll just let your mind imagine what has to happen in order for a medical professional to safely retrieve an egg from a healthy adult female.

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