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A Letter To My Husband July 14, 2012

I cant believe that we’ve been married for five years. Five years has gone by so quickly! I still remember the first time I ever saw you. Standing by the pool house with your cream sweater on. You looked so handsome and gentle. I remember after our first date telling a friend “I’m going to marry him.”

Months later we got engaged, and married on July 14, 2007.

Ten days later I lost my job. You told me “don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.” You supported everything I did with enthusiasm and encouragement.

A few months later we had something devastating happen with the kids. I was crushed, you were in so much pain. Again you looked at me and said “I can’t be without you, and I won’t.”

When I had problems with my ex you looked at me and said “Kameron is like my own son, I’ll take care of him.”

When my aunt Jeanne got sick and was in the hospital you sat in the waiting room and held my hand. When she passed away you held me as I cried.

When my Dad got sick and was in the hospital you had to keep things together at home so I could be there for my Dad. When he came home from the hospital you did a lot of homework and cooking so I could hang out with Dad. Part of me died when my Dad died, you know that. It was the darkest time in my life. I cried, screamed, and cried more. I wasn’t good for anyone at all during that time, and you stood by me.

When I wanted to start my company you supported me. I remember you saying “I think that’s a great idea!” It was a few months after my Dad died and I remember feeling good about something when so much had gone wrong.

The point is because of you I now believe that true love exists. I couldn’t have made it without you.

My Mr. D.

With you I’ve seen the pride of a father’s face when his oldest daughter graduated from high school. I also saw the tears that ran down your face the first time she pulled out of the driveway. I’ve seen the love, and encouragement that you’ve given to my son. My son has grown into a kinder more respectful young man because of your example.

With you I’ve experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Sometimes I think how did we get through all of it? One word.



2 Responses to “A Letter To My Husband”

  1. Jan Dye Says:

    He even let you to lick Bg’s face. Helluva great man, I know because I have one too!

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