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Remember Sun-In? June 25, 2012

Sun-In did you use this stuff? Promising to highlight your hair. For us brunettes, we wanted the pretty blonde streaks in our hair. Streaks that should be done by a professional, not some 16 year old girl that saw commercials of girls spraying Sun-In in their hair. It seemed almost instantly their hair was shiny, full of the blonde highlights we craved. To up the ante there was always some hunky teenage boy at the end of the commercial admiring the girls hair while she held the bottle of Sun-In. That bottle was almost screaming “buy me!”

Then my mom yells to do the dishes and I snap back into reality. My young mind still on the Sun-In adventure I decide I must have this life changing serum. My Sun-In search began. I went into several salons asking for the product, the women laughed at me and suggested I go somewhere else for my product. “What do they know” I thought. I finally found the golden nectar at Kroger. A whole seven dollars was a small price to pay for this life changing product.

I went home and I sprayed, and sprayed, and sprayed. No need to read instructions I knew what I was doing. I rushed to the mirror after leaving the product in for a half hour discovering that nothing had happened. Frantic, I read the back of the bottle. The information given was that Sun-In works best in the sun. I was a far cry from the sandy beaches living on Norwaldo Avenue. I decided my best course of action was to lay out in the driveway and let the sun do its magic.
I sprayed, and I sprayed, and I sprayed, you get the picture.

This is my Sun-In experience. One year brown, next year orange.

Curious, I asked on Facebook if anyone remembered Sun-In or had a Sun-In experience they wanted to share. Here is a few of them.

Jessica Yingling OMG! Totally forgot about that stuff… and, yes, I used it every summer! Didn’t turn my hair orange, though. I also took these “tanning pills” that turned my skin orange.

Annie Sever-Dimitri Holy shit! What a train wreck that was. I looked like I crawled right out of a trailer park through high school–all I needed was an Old Milwaukee can in my hand and a Doral cigarette dangling from my mouth. LOL!

Pamela Reilly Naturopath What a blast from the past! Yes, I did. I had gorgeous highlights in the shape of the spray pattern. LOL!

Tamara Sullivan My junior year picture is a pretty strawberry blond (or orange as you call it). NOT!!! I can’t believe I did that!

Missy Sedam Roark Hahah….OMG…..Busted……….My best friend and I did it the summer between 7th and 8th grade- she was a lovely orangey hue, but I WAS DEDICATED to completely destroying my hair, so I ultimately (after a couple of applications) looked like Billy Idol. 🙂

Amy Stevenson Yes and just before senior prom! Then tried to fix it and it turned green!!! Had to chop it all off. Not cool in the 80’s!!

Lorraine Ball Ladies, Sun In worked for blonds only. That is why those of you who were blonds don’t remember the orange. But if you had dark hair, there wasn’t enough peroxide in the product to change our hair color to blond, and there was no warning on the label.

Laina Turner-Molaski Vivid 8th grade memory. I looking like Ronald McDonald.

The inspiration for this blog was the bottle of Sun-In I saw in Kroger the other day.


One Response to “Remember Sun-In?”

  1. When Sun-In was popular, I believed that girls were gross and weird.

    I guess not much has changed.

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