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Why Your Social Media Stinks May 11, 2012

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Social Media.  You hear it everywhere. Meetings, on the phone, walking down the street, picking up your kid from daycare, even watching the 10 o’clock news reminds you to follow them on Twitter or Facebook. Me, I hear it in my sleep. Self-confession: I have woken up at 3:30 a.m. just to check Twitter. I have quietly snuck out to the kitchen to check Facebook statuses. I know I’m not alone, the business of social media is a fast moving one, and those of us in the profession want to be the fastest. Think about the commercial where someone says “X player is injured, but looks like he might be returning to the game,” and the other guys holding their smart phones look annoyingly at him and say “so 35 seconds ago.” That’s what people in the business of social media want, to say “so 25 seconds ago.” (Shaving an extra ten seconds just for good effort on my part).

So you’re a business owner, you’ve got all the stuff –  Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and a blog. You’ve got ALL of it, and you’ve hired outside your company because you don’t have the time to do “it” (it being Social Media) yourself. The people that you’ve hired are social media consultants, so they know what they’re doing.

Perfect, here we go on the social media highway, it’s going to bring you lots of customers and lots of money – right?

Likely, but not in two weeks.

Companies have a problem. Sometimes, they hear only what they want to hear. They see the bright shiny lights, and the words like big and profit, and somewhere in the middle they stop listening to me and start fantasizing about their Twitter handle on the 10 o’clock news. It doesn’t work that way. After being in the social media business for three years, I can promise you, it doesn’t work that way.

The minimum, and I mean the absolute minimum anyone should give social media a shot is six months, and that is the bare minimum. Quitting after a month, that’s not even giving it a fair chance. Social media is a lot like any new relationship, whether business or personal that you’re trying to develop. Let me explain.

You meet someone, he seems nice enough, you exchange business cards and you’re on your way.

Next thing you know he’s following you on Twitter. That’s nice, so you tweet hello, but you don’t hear from him for two days.

When he finally responds, he don’t answer your question. Instead, he tells you about the great sale going on at the Tire Store he works at and and won’t you come by?

Then you block him, because all he wants to do is sell you something.

It takes longer than two weeks to cultivate what you hope will be a long standing, mutually beneficial, business relationship. People want to know about you first, you can get into the business stuff later. That might not move as fast as you would like it to, but a really good business relationship rarely does because it takes time to build trust.

At Somnium Media we believe in long standing business relationships. We also believe with the right strategy and commitment from your business we can accomplish great things.

Give us a call, we’re happy to help.


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