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I Use To Think My Dad Was Crazy May 1, 2012

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Storms, hate em.  Although not as much as I use to.

My Dad loved the weather, his mother loved the weather, and I married an Engineer with a Bachelors in Meteorology.  Coincidence???

Anyway when I was little I remember my Dad would always have the television on watching the nightly news talking about the weather.  When cable tv came out with the Weather Channel, holy hell, was my Dad in heaven.  He could watch hurricanes happening in Florida while it was snowing in Minnesota, it was Epic, in a very Eppich sort of way to him.  I on the other hand didn’t like it, not one bit.  I would look at the tv and see green, yellow, and red – now, I don’t know what all that meant, but my Dad was happy to educate me.  Once I knew that yellow and red were bad, it was all over for me.  God forbid there would be hail, that was it for me, I was in the basement or in the tub in our bathroom.

My Dad was always on the front porch.  Looking out into the storm.  Even with tornado sirens going off, even with hail, he would just stand there looking.  I would say “Daddy come in here, it’s dangerous!”  He would look at me and smile and say “Baby this is nothin, come out of there.”  I refused.

I remember in 1996, I was working at an insurance agency and I happened to be over at my parents for dinner.  With the Weather Channel on, my Dad was checking out the movement of the storm between bites when the lights went out.  My Mom went to find candles, and my Dad went straight to the front door.  Sitting in the bathroom I could hear the tornado sirens, I could also see my Dad on the front porch looking at an ominous, swirling, green sky.  Then it started to hail, I don’t think I could have pressed my body any closer between the wall and the toilet.  I said “Dad get in here” he didn’t even turn around, he just waived his hand and continued to stand out there.

I could never understand why he would just stand there.

Last night when our power went out, Kameron seemed a little scared about it.  Of course Mr. D was tracking minute by minute on tv, until the electricity went out, then there was the weather app on his phone.  It wasn’t raining that hard, I couldn’t believe the power had gone off.  (By the way, I’m not as wimpy as I once was about the weather.)  We hung out for about a half hour, but Kameron had homework do to.  I suggested Mr. D take him up to the library which is just a few minutes down the road.  He said “what will you do?”  Being in my pj’s from this terrible head cold I’ve had, I said “I’m just going to lay down.”  He said “in the dark?”  “Yes, Mr. D in the dark.”  So they went on their way to the library and I headed back to bed.

I miss everything about my Dad.  I think what I miss most is being able to pick up the phone and ask him a question, or tell him something exciting that has happened.  To hear his voice was honestly my home.  It’s hard to believe it’s been almost three years since I lost that soft place to fall, where I knew everything would be alright.

So while I was sitting back on my bed playing solitaire on my iPhone, listening to the rain come down, I thought to myself, what would my Dad be doing right now?  I thought listening to the rain.  So I did, I put down my phone and just laid there listening to the rain coming down.  It was peaceful and quiet.

After about fifteen minutes of that my type A personality started thinking (when is the damn electricity going to come back on?)  Still laying there a thought, or maybe a whisper, came into my head.  It said “check the circuit breaker.”  I got up, went outside, opened the breaker box, and the lights came back on.

I turned around, just stood there, and looked at the rain.


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