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Good News / Bad News February 19, 2012

The good news is a have a son, he’s healthy, charming, a good student, a Mommy’s boy, and has impeccable taste in food – even sushi.

The bad news is he’s mouthy, sometimes says things that he shouldn’t, cries, feels mistreated, stomps his feet, and sometimes gets sent to bed early.

He’s just like me, only now, I get to determine my own bedtime.

When I complain about having nothing to write about, I want someone to redirect me to this post.  I have an almost 13 year old son…I will always have something to write about.  I envision printing all my posts and giving them to him as a gift for his college graduation – with a big red bow tied around it.  The title page might read like “Happy Graduation Kameron!  This is all the crap that I had to put up with while you were growing up.  Also included are all the moments that I was so proud of you, it brought me to tears.”

Tonight was a crap night.

We were busy all day.  Earlier in the day we had a birthday party for my nephew Will, then Kameron had a birthday party for one of his classmates.  He wouldn’t be home until about seven, it made for a pretty fun filled, action packed day.

Kameron is unbelievably patient with younger children.  He always has been.  All of the six year old kids, and younger, running around my sisters house, Kameron didn’t even blink at the controlled madness.  He sat patiently and observed the party.  He got pizza when it was ready.  He sang happy birthday when cued.  He played when he was invited, and wasn’t intrusive.  “Very well done” thought his mother as we left the party.

Dropped off for the pre-teen party, he was anxious to hang out with his friends.  I figured he would come home a little jacked up.  Being around the boys in a video game type of place, loud noises, a little freedom, tickets, a Fruit Ninja game, too much sugar.  He could barely fit his head through the front door when he walked in.  Geezz…

He told me and Mr. D about all the fun he had, showed us his prize he picked out for himself, and proceeded upstairs to burn off some more energy by playing his wrestling game on x-box.

The problem came about a half hour later.

Kameron leaned over the railing of the loft and said “hey, you know the downloadable content?”

I looked up at him, instantly not happy.  We’ve had a problem with the “downloadable content” before that resulted in a twenty-five dollar charge to our checking account.  That’s not necessarily the problem.  The problem was that he didn’t ask permission to do it, he just went ahead and did it.   We didn’t discover the charge for a day or so afterwards.  I made it emphatically clear to him that he was absolutely not allowed to download anything without permission ever again.  He seemed to understand after a lecture and being sent to bed early.

So when I heard the words “downloadable content” my blood pressure instantly went up.  “What about it”  I said.  “Well, the x-box, the Microsoft points, you know.”  I stood up and said very loudly, so he wouldn’t miss my point,  “I know you better get down here.”   Head sulking, he knew he was in trouble, he tried to explain the unexplainable reasoning to deaf ears.  Ten bucks of downloadable content without permission sounds like vacuum duty to me son.

I went back to my room, I was angry.  How could he do this again?  I mean didn’t I make it clear the last time that he did this he was not allowed to do it again?  Then I thought, well, he did say something this time…Right about that time, I heard him mouthing off to Mr. D over the vacuum.  I couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying, all I knew was that his voice was raised to a volume that certainly wasn’t acceptable right after he got in trouble.  I barreled down the hallway – his eyes met mine – he instantly started to cry.  He knew his night, sketchy as it might have been, was over at this point.

“Are You Serious?” was what came out of my mouth.  He looked at me, knowing it was over for him for the night – and very likely the next day, and said “MOM!”  One thing I absolutely will not tolerate is back talk, especially to Mr. D.  He tries to talk smack with me every once in awhile, apparently I have this ‘look.’  It must be a “mother look” because it always zips his mouth right up.

“MOM, I”m sorry!” – K

“I’ll bet you are” – Me

“Mom” – K

“I want you to apologize right now for talking back to Kerry, I heard you from my bedroom, are you serious?” – Me

(Here you go son, this is a shovel, let’s see how deep you’d like to dig this hole for yourself…)

There were a few other short exchanges, he apologized, you get the point.

Sent in shame to the shower and to bed. Told that the x-box gone for the day.  He gets a crash course in laundry and cleaning toilets tomorrow.

I can hear him tossing and turning in his bed, I’m sure he’s sorry.  There has to be a line that he has to understand that he just can’t cross.  I’m not going to be naive and think that this is the last confrontation that we will ever have. I’m sure they’ll get more and more interesting as he gets older, sigh….

Hey, I’ll always have something to write about right?

I wonder if someone will create some kind of package that will collect all of your posts over time, along with photos, rank by most views, and put them into some kind of snazzy graduation package for the class of 2022 (which would be when Kameron graduates from college – if all goes according to plan.)

I think I might just investigate that.


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  1. Wow. Parenting sounds like fun. 🙂

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