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Nightmare On Valentines Day February 14, 2012

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My Son….MY SON….

He’s going to be the death of me…… (probably not, but I’m just sayin.)

Things started to get a little dicey around January.  That is when play practice started, and Chloe entered the picture.

Chloe – who names their kid after a perfume?  (Stop hating Stephanie…)

I was just joking around with Kameron when I asked him on Friday if he was going to get one of his “girlfriends” a Valentines Day card.  He told me “we don’t do Valentines Day in the sixth grade mom.”  Good, his mother thought.  I remember the disaster from last year when Kameron came to the car in tears after giving another girl a ‘special’ Valentines Day card and got the cold shoulder.  “She doesn’t like me the way I like her mom” as he tried to hold back the tears  in the parking lot of school.  I’ve never wanted to rip a little girls hair out until that day.

So Friday I felt pretty good.  No one was trading Valentines Day cards.  No problemo this year.

Until Monday.

Mr. D informed me that Kameron told him on the way to school that he would like to get this girl Chloe a Valentines Day card.  “WHAT?” I asked Mr. D.  “What do you mean…he just told me Friday he didn’t want to get a card.”  “He told me this morning that is what he wanted to do” Mr. D explained, “he wants you to take him after school.”  “WHY DIDN”T HE TELL ME FRIDAY?”  Ugh, obviously why not, crazy mother.

So I picked Kameron up from school yesterday.  While we were waiting in line I looked at him and said “I hear we need to get a Valentines Day card.”  “Yes” was his response.  My stomach started to rumble.  “Who is this card for?”  “Chloe mom.”  Driving away from the car line, I said, “Ok we’ll stop by the store and pick one up.”

Smile through the pain.

You may be thinking I’m some kind of psychotic mother that doesn’t want her son to give a girl a Valentines Day card.  That isn’t true.  I do want him to have feelings of ‘like.’  I do want him to be man enough to try to share his teenage heart with someone else.  I do want him to grow up and have the feeling of true love…someday.

I just don’t want him to be hurt.

Last year when he was so upset about being semi rejected; it broke my heart.

So we went to the store.  Going directly to the Valentines Day section my eyes started darting away from the cards that weren’t teenage appropriate.  “Love”…nope… “Wife”…nope..”Special Friend”….nope…”Girl”….(heavy sigh)…ok…

There were like 4 cards.  Apparently my son is growing up to be a proper guy.  What guy buys a Valentines Day card until the day before Valentines Day, besides Mr. D.  I looked at the cards and then gave them over for his approval.  (I was actually scanning to make sure there wasn’t anything that was over the top – in my opinion.)  I handed several over, still scanning, Kameron said “look mom, this one opens up like a balloon.”  I looked, it was cute, it had a cat on it.  “Does she have a cat”  I asked…”I don’t know” he said.  “Does she like cats”  I asked…”I think so”  he said.

Odds are he has no idea.

So… a heart-shaped box of chocolates and one cat card later the Valentines Day shopping has commenced.

And today is the day.

I hope he gets the answer that he’s looking for, although, I have no idea what that answer might be.

“She tells me I rock”  is what Kam said to me when we got back in the car.  I hugged him and said “she sounds really smart.”  He nodded his head.

Here’s to not pulling any hair out this Valentines Day……..


5 Responses to “Nightmare On Valentines Day”

  1. Trishski Says:

    Oh my gosh, your son sounds adorable. That girl would be nuts not to be so excited about her treat today. Crossing my fingers for him…. and mostly, for you!!

  2. Sheesh, parenting sounds hard. 🙂

  3. Kelly Says:

    I love when you tell a story. 🙂

    If only it got easier after 6th grade. 🙂

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