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When A Pass Really Isn’t A Pass February 8, 2012

I’m not fond of Kameron’s religion teacher.

I’m not alone.  If you remember my rant on the parent/teacher conferences her line was the longest, and took the most time.

Do you remember “Passes?”  Not like a pass to the bathroom.   Test/Quiz Passes.  They were like the golden ticket of catholic schoolism.  I remember teachers giving passes out at Christmas time, pure joy came over everyone.  Even the meanest girls were a little nicer when test/quiz passes were handed out.  My definition of the “test/quiz pass”  say you weren’t prepared for a test, or you just totally spaced the test was Tuesday,  you thought it was Thursday.  Whip out the test/quiz pass – the heavens opened up and you could hear the faint singing of angles, it was glorious – it also meant you didn’t have to take the test or quiz.  Auto 100% –  nothin better than that baby!  Obviously there were some things that you couldn’t use them on, but the teacher would always tell you in advance.  Passes were sacred man, few were given out.  You held on to them like gold.  I remember selling one of my passes once, teachers wised up to what was going on and started putting our names on them.   Thanks for ruining the profitable fun, and the mean girls blackmail scam.

Anyway, Kameron had a pass that he had been holding on to for the right opportunity.  I get it, no sense in wasting a pass, it has to be a legit reason.   Which happened to be his religion quiz on Friday.  Kameron’s a funny little creature.  After making first honors this grading period he wants to check his grades like every day.  It’s good that he wants to know, I have a feeling the thought that pass thing was too good to be true.

Ends up, he was right.

Looking at his grades online he was like MOM – like he had hurt himself or something.  I come over and he said “look” pointing to the computer screen – at his religion grade.  33% on a religion quiz, well crapola.  He said “I used my pass, I used my pass.”  I told him not to worry about it and that I would email his teacher.  Long, heavy, sigh.

So I sat down and wrote this email:

“Mrs. _________,

Kameron’s latest quiz is scored as a 33%.  Kameron indicated to me that he used a quiz pass for that particular quiz.

Did he use a pass?


After about a half hour, I got this reply back.

“Mrs. Daily, I believe he had one attached but they have to score at least a 60% to use it.  I have that as a mark so that they will still study.  He will get his pass back with his quiz tomorrow.  If I don’t use it, I return so they can use it another time.

So the pass isn’t really a pass. (Insert expletive here)
I felt my blood pressure going up…. a scene from Sweeney Todd ran through my head.  I knew their had to be a reply, but not from me.  I diverted to Mr. D because I know when I can’t write an email.  (That’s what ages gets ya.)  I’m sure he wrote a very diplomatic response to the nonsense that I’ve since deleted from my email.
I told Kameron not to worry about it.  He has the rest of this grading period to make up for the mishap.
So a pass isn’t really a pass anymore.  That  sounds like a line straight out of  a Seinfeld episode.

8 Responses to “When A Pass Really Isn’t A Pass”

  1. thejennabee Says:

    That would make me so mad. I commend you for knowing that it was time to walk away from that e-mail. It’s hard. I probably would have made an enemy that day.

    Kameron sounds like a bright kid. I’m sure he’ll make it up quickly!

    • OMG, you have no idea how hard it was for me to not write “you’re a complete (blanking) idiot to her. This isn’t my first run in with this teacher, her explanations, and how she validates what she does in her mind make absolutely no sense to me what so ever. You know what Dr. Phil says “common sense isn’t that common these days.” Preach it Dr. Phil!

  2. Gretchen Says:

    I can’t wait to hear the reply! Poor little guy, i hope he feels okay now about the whole thing. I don’t know why (probably because I don’t have kids), but I LOVE hearing stories about kids and teachers. What I double love is hearing about how the parents deal with the teachers. Go get ’em, Mrs. Daily!

    • This woman is wacked out. Don’t you remember passes, we were all good if we had one. One thing that gets me going is when my son has tears in his eyes because he thought he did the right thing – and he’s concerned about his grades – and some stupid rule that is probably posted no where had me consoling a upset 12 year old last night. UGH!

  3. I never had passes.

    It sounds like the teacher is being unreasonable. What’s written on the pass itself? Or is there a syllabus or a letter that went home at the start of the year?


    • Thank You! This is the teacher that had them doing the same notes three different times in the same notebook (unproductive.) That went away, but this pass thing I can’t wrap my head around it. I haven’t checked if she responded to Mr. D, but be sure, I’m looking that pass over when it comes back home today….

  4. myfriendmissmiller Says:

    What teachers even GIVE passes?? I am a teacher, and I teach my students about hard work. If they want to get extra points, they have to work at it with bonus points projects and going above and beyond homework. They earn tickets in class for things like good behavior, but the passes they can have are music passes (to listen to their headphones while taking a test or silent reading), computer pass, homework pass (which means they can erase a missing assignment), etc… but a quiz/test pass? And to be honest, I really agree with you that, if you ARE going to give a “pass”, then it is just 100% of a pass.

    This sounds like one of those teachers that even WE (meaning other teachers) roll our eyes about. Some people just aren’t in it for the kids.

    • *Disclaimer, if you are a teacher, I’m not trying to make you mad.

      I’m just sayin, a pass should be a pass. Which is your point.

      This teacher, unfortunately is very frustrating. She made a announcement to the class that “some” parents emailed asking about the pass “rules.” I’m happy for her that she didn’t mention any names or singled my son out, because then she would have had some real problems.

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