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I’ve Decided To Give Up – Giving Up February 22, 2012

Way before my son went to Our Lady of Greenwood, way before I met Mr. D.  I knew about Our Lady of Greenwood.  More specifically, I knew about the chapel at Our Lady of Greenwood.

I was introduced to the chapel while I was being coached by a guy named David.  I was going through my divorce at the time, trying to be the best sales manager I could be, and adjusting to the life of a single mother of a 2 1/2 year old.  Times were tough, they were really, really tough.

We had a weekly meeting, catching up on where I was sales wise.  I was close to my goals, but I (we) felt like I was holding myself back.  He insisted that I wasn’t letting the universe, or God take control.  To put out to the universe what I  needed and desired in my life and trust that God and the Universe would deliver.

I struggled with God then, this was ten years ago.  There was one thing that stuck with me.  A story he share when he found himself in trouble, nowhere to turn, and no plan to fall back on.  He had lost track of his faith, and other things,  perhaps more than he let on.  At the end of each meeting he would give me an assignment, although, I could tell that this days assignment would be very different from any other he had given me in the past.

He looked at me very intently and said “there is a place I want you to go.”  His eyes, I’ll never forget the way they looked, there was sadness, pain, and hurt, that I could see;  he did not have to explain it to me.  His eyes changed when he said “There is a chapel in Greenwood.”  His eyes shifted to hopeful.  It was something, I could tell, that he wanted to tell me for a long time.  Perhaps he didn’t think I was ready, or maybe he wasn’t ready to tell me.  For whatever reason he told me of this sacred place that saved his life on that day.  He felt like it was time for me to go.

At first I dismissed it.  A chapel?  I’ve been in hundreds of chapels…he insisted this one was different.  My assignment was to go twice a week for five minutes and just sit there.  He encouraged me to bring a piece of paper or a journal,  a lot of tissue and to stay there for five minutes.  “Five minutes?  That’s all you want is five minutes?”  He told me to just sit quietly, write down whatever came to me, but to stay there for five minutes.

I remember the first time I went to OLG’s chapel.  It was dim, lit only from the candles  in the background, and the sun shining in from the stained glass windows.  I dipped my finger in holy water, made the sign of the cross, and sat in the back.  I looked around, not really expecting anything to happen, it was just unfamiliar territory to me.  “Five minutes” I thought, hell, I’ll give it ten.  Then I sat and closed my eyes, and something happened.  I started to cry.  Crying harder than I could recently remember, it wasn’t because of the divorce, it wasn’t because I was a single mom, it wasn’t because of my job.  There was something missing that I couldn’t explain, even to David when I went back to coaching.  He knew, and encouraged me to go twice a week until “we” decided I needed more or less of the chapel.

Fast forward 1o years.

The loss of my Father has been the worst thing that I’ve ever had to deal with or experience in my life.  I haven’t been to church since my Father’s funeral.  I wrote about Kameron getting confirmed, and him asking why we don’t go to church anymore.  I tried to make myself go, I honestly did, I tried to go to church.  I just couldn’t do it.

While I was driving to pick Kameron up from school today I pulled into the parking lot where the chapel is.  I got out of my car, walked towards it, put my hand on the door to open it, looked up,  and with tears in my eyes I had to walk away.  Today was just not the day.

I don’t know if I’ll ever feel 100% confident that “this day is the day.”  I’m going to try, I really am.  All I know was 10 years ago I felt the arms of God around me, and perhaps that is why I started to cry. I know my Dad would want that for me.  He wouldn’t want me to be so sad anymore.

So for Lent I’ve decided to give up – on giving up.  It’s a process.  It’s going to take a lot of work, and a lot of patience, and five minutes twice a week at the chapel.


Good News / Bad News February 19, 2012

The good news is a have a son, he’s healthy, charming, a good student, a Mommy’s boy, and has impeccable taste in food – even sushi.

The bad news is he’s mouthy, sometimes says things that he shouldn’t, cries, feels mistreated, stomps his feet, and sometimes gets sent to bed early.

He’s just like me, only now, I get to determine my own bedtime.

When I complain about having nothing to write about, I want someone to redirect me to this post.  I have an almost 13 year old son…I will always have something to write about.  I envision printing all my posts and giving them to him as a gift for his college graduation – with a big red bow tied around it.  The title page might read like “Happy Graduation Kameron!  This is all the crap that I had to put up with while you were growing up.  Also included are all the moments that I was so proud of you, it brought me to tears.”

Tonight was a crap night.

We were busy all day.  Earlier in the day we had a birthday party for my nephew Will, then Kameron had a birthday party for one of his classmates.  He wouldn’t be home until about seven, it made for a pretty fun filled, action packed day.

Kameron is unbelievably patient with younger children.  He always has been.  All of the six year old kids, and younger, running around my sisters house, Kameron didn’t even blink at the controlled madness.  He sat patiently and observed the party.  He got pizza when it was ready.  He sang happy birthday when cued.  He played when he was invited, and wasn’t intrusive.  “Very well done” thought his mother as we left the party.

Dropped off for the pre-teen party, he was anxious to hang out with his friends.  I figured he would come home a little jacked up.  Being around the boys in a video game type of place, loud noises, a little freedom, tickets, a Fruit Ninja game, too much sugar.  He could barely fit his head through the front door when he walked in.  Geezz…

He told me and Mr. D about all the fun he had, showed us his prize he picked out for himself, and proceeded upstairs to burn off some more energy by playing his wrestling game on x-box.

The problem came about a half hour later.

Kameron leaned over the railing of the loft and said “hey, you know the downloadable content?”

I looked up at him, instantly not happy.  We’ve had a problem with the “downloadable content” before that resulted in a twenty-five dollar charge to our checking account.  That’s not necessarily the problem.  The problem was that he didn’t ask permission to do it, he just went ahead and did it.   We didn’t discover the charge for a day or so afterwards.  I made it emphatically clear to him that he was absolutely not allowed to download anything without permission ever again.  He seemed to understand after a lecture and being sent to bed early.

So when I heard the words “downloadable content” my blood pressure instantly went up.  “What about it”  I said.  “Well, the x-box, the Microsoft points, you know.”  I stood up and said very loudly, so he wouldn’t miss my point,  “I know you better get down here.”   Head sulking, he knew he was in trouble, he tried to explain the unexplainable reasoning to deaf ears.  Ten bucks of downloadable content without permission sounds like vacuum duty to me son.

I went back to my room, I was angry.  How could he do this again?  I mean didn’t I make it clear the last time that he did this he was not allowed to do it again?  Then I thought, well, he did say something this time…Right about that time, I heard him mouthing off to Mr. D over the vacuum.  I couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying, all I knew was that his voice was raised to a volume that certainly wasn’t acceptable right after he got in trouble.  I barreled down the hallway – his eyes met mine – he instantly started to cry.  He knew his night, sketchy as it might have been, was over at this point.

“Are You Serious?” was what came out of my mouth.  He looked at me, knowing it was over for him for the night – and very likely the next day, and said “MOM!”  One thing I absolutely will not tolerate is back talk, especially to Mr. D.  He tries to talk smack with me every once in awhile, apparently I have this ‘look.’  It must be a “mother look” because it always zips his mouth right up.

“MOM, I”m sorry!” – K

“I’ll bet you are” – Me

“Mom” – K

“I want you to apologize right now for talking back to Kerry, I heard you from my bedroom, are you serious?” – Me

(Here you go son, this is a shovel, let’s see how deep you’d like to dig this hole for yourself…)

There were a few other short exchanges, he apologized, you get the point.

Sent in shame to the shower and to bed. Told that the x-box gone for the day.  He gets a crash course in laundry and cleaning toilets tomorrow.

I can hear him tossing and turning in his bed, I’m sure he’s sorry.  There has to be a line that he has to understand that he just can’t cross.  I’m not going to be naive and think that this is the last confrontation that we will ever have. I’m sure they’ll get more and more interesting as he gets older, sigh….

Hey, I’ll always have something to write about right?

I wonder if someone will create some kind of package that will collect all of your posts over time, along with photos, rank by most views, and put them into some kind of snazzy graduation package for the class of 2022 (which would be when Kameron graduates from college – if all goes according to plan.)

I think I might just investigate that.


Nightmare On Valentines Day February 14, 2012

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My Son….MY SON….

He’s going to be the death of me…… (probably not, but I’m just sayin.)

Things started to get a little dicey around January.  That is when play practice started, and Chloe entered the picture.

Chloe – who names their kid after a perfume?  (Stop hating Stephanie…)

I was just joking around with Kameron when I asked him on Friday if he was going to get one of his “girlfriends” a Valentines Day card.  He told me “we don’t do Valentines Day in the sixth grade mom.”  Good, his mother thought.  I remember the disaster from last year when Kameron came to the car in tears after giving another girl a ‘special’ Valentines Day card and got the cold shoulder.  “She doesn’t like me the way I like her mom” as he tried to hold back the tears  in the parking lot of school.  I’ve never wanted to rip a little girls hair out until that day.

So Friday I felt pretty good.  No one was trading Valentines Day cards.  No problemo this year.

Until Monday.

Mr. D informed me that Kameron told him on the way to school that he would like to get this girl Chloe a Valentines Day card.  “WHAT?” I asked Mr. D.  “What do you mean…he just told me Friday he didn’t want to get a card.”  “He told me this morning that is what he wanted to do” Mr. D explained, “he wants you to take him after school.”  “WHY DIDN”T HE TELL ME FRIDAY?”  Ugh, obviously why not, crazy mother.

So I picked Kameron up from school yesterday.  While we were waiting in line I looked at him and said “I hear we need to get a Valentines Day card.”  “Yes” was his response.  My stomach started to rumble.  “Who is this card for?”  “Chloe mom.”  Driving away from the car line, I said, “Ok we’ll stop by the store and pick one up.”

Smile through the pain.

You may be thinking I’m some kind of psychotic mother that doesn’t want her son to give a girl a Valentines Day card.  That isn’t true.  I do want him to have feelings of ‘like.’  I do want him to be man enough to try to share his teenage heart with someone else.  I do want him to grow up and have the feeling of true love…someday.

I just don’t want him to be hurt.

Last year when he was so upset about being semi rejected; it broke my heart.

So we went to the store.  Going directly to the Valentines Day section my eyes started darting away from the cards that weren’t teenage appropriate.  “Love”…nope… “Wife”…nope..”Special Friend”….nope…”Girl”….(heavy sigh)…ok…

There were like 4 cards.  Apparently my son is growing up to be a proper guy.  What guy buys a Valentines Day card until the day before Valentines Day, besides Mr. D.  I looked at the cards and then gave them over for his approval.  (I was actually scanning to make sure there wasn’t anything that was over the top – in my opinion.)  I handed several over, still scanning, Kameron said “look mom, this one opens up like a balloon.”  I looked, it was cute, it had a cat on it.  “Does she have a cat”  I asked…”I don’t know” he said.  “Does she like cats”  I asked…”I think so”  he said.

Odds are he has no idea.

So… a heart-shaped box of chocolates and one cat card later the Valentines Day shopping has commenced.

And today is the day.

I hope he gets the answer that he’s looking for, although, I have no idea what that answer might be.

“She tells me I rock”  is what Kam said to me when we got back in the car.  I hugged him and said “she sounds really smart.”  He nodded his head.

Here’s to not pulling any hair out this Valentines Day……..


When A Pass Really Isn’t A Pass February 8, 2012

I’m not fond of Kameron’s religion teacher.

I’m not alone.  If you remember my rant on the parent/teacher conferences her line was the longest, and took the most time.

Do you remember “Passes?”  Not like a pass to the bathroom.   Test/Quiz Passes.  They were like the golden ticket of catholic schoolism.  I remember teachers giving passes out at Christmas time, pure joy came over everyone.  Even the meanest girls were a little nicer when test/quiz passes were handed out.  My definition of the “test/quiz pass”  say you weren’t prepared for a test, or you just totally spaced the test was Tuesday,  you thought it was Thursday.  Whip out the test/quiz pass – the heavens opened up and you could hear the faint singing of angles, it was glorious – it also meant you didn’t have to take the test or quiz.  Auto 100% –  nothin better than that baby!  Obviously there were some things that you couldn’t use them on, but the teacher would always tell you in advance.  Passes were sacred man, few were given out.  You held on to them like gold.  I remember selling one of my passes once, teachers wised up to what was going on and started putting our names on them.   Thanks for ruining the profitable fun, and the mean girls blackmail scam.

Anyway, Kameron had a pass that he had been holding on to for the right opportunity.  I get it, no sense in wasting a pass, it has to be a legit reason.   Which happened to be his religion quiz on Friday.  Kameron’s a funny little creature.  After making first honors this grading period he wants to check his grades like every day.  It’s good that he wants to know, I have a feeling the thought that pass thing was too good to be true.

Ends up, he was right.

Looking at his grades online he was like MOM – like he had hurt himself or something.  I come over and he said “look” pointing to the computer screen – at his religion grade.  33% on a religion quiz, well crapola.  He said “I used my pass, I used my pass.”  I told him not to worry about it and that I would email his teacher.  Long, heavy, sigh.

So I sat down and wrote this email:

“Mrs. _________,

Kameron’s latest quiz is scored as a 33%.  Kameron indicated to me that he used a quiz pass for that particular quiz.

Did he use a pass?


After about a half hour, I got this reply back.

“Mrs. Daily, I believe he had one attached but they have to score at least a 60% to use it.  I have that as a mark so that they will still study.  He will get his pass back with his quiz tomorrow.  If I don’t use it, I return so they can use it another time.

So the pass isn’t really a pass. (Insert expletive here)
I felt my blood pressure going up…. a scene from Sweeney Todd ran through my head.  I knew their had to be a reply, but not from me.  I diverted to Mr. D because I know when I can’t write an email.  (That’s what ages gets ya.)  I’m sure he wrote a very diplomatic response to the nonsense that I’ve since deleted from my email.
I told Kameron not to worry about it.  He has the rest of this grading period to make up for the mishap.
So a pass isn’t really a pass anymore.  That  sounds like a line straight out of  a Seinfeld episode.

You Need Some “OPA!” February 2, 2012

Doesn’t it just make you feel good to say it?  OPA!

If you’re in the mood for the tastiest Greek food in Indianapolis?  You don’t have to leave Downtown!  Greek Islands is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Lucas Oil!

At Greek Islands family is #1, and that is exactly how you will feel, right at home.  You will have a blast enjoying the atmosphere, the food, and you might even smash a plate or two!

The Food, Oh The Food!  You will feel like you’re sitting at Momma’s table with the generous portions, devouring the recipes that only Momma shares with “family.”

Are we talking Gyros? Um, yeah we are!  The best Gyros this side of Astoria!  Tasty strips of gyro meat topped with onions, tomatoes, and tzaziki – served on hot pita bread…Mamma!  If you feel like a Chicken Gyro, they can do that too!  If you love Spanakotiropita, like I love it, you must have it.  This flakey spinach and cheese pie will transport you straight to Greece!

But really, who wants to go to a Greek Restaurant without the thrill and deliciousness of Saganaki!  For those of you that don’t know what Saganaki is, let me explain it to you.  You server will come out with a sizzling plate, with a big smile, and light the tangy Graviera Cheese on fire and shout “OPA” with enthusiasm!  You’ll never forget the experience or how delicious the cheese is!

Have you tired Souvlaki?  No?  You haven’t lived!  Skewered, hearty bites of grilled, marinated pork, green peppers, tomatoes, and onions served with tzaziki sauce!  You’ll always get a Greek Salad, Bread, Rice Pilaf, and Olympian Beans!  Did I mention you’re not going to leave hungry?

Did I also mention that Greek Islands wants to take care of their Gluten Free Friends.  Please visit their website to check out their Gluten-Free Menu.

A few other things you might want to file away in your deliciousness file…

Moussaka:  Layers of Eggplant, potatoes, ground beef and a savory bechamel sauce topped with tomato sauce and a sprinkle of grated graviera cheese.

Pasticchio:  Layers of macaroni, ground beef and a savory bechamel sauce finished with tomato sauce and a sprinkle of grated graviera cheese.

Dolmades:  Tender grape leaves stuffed with ground beef and rice, topped with a special lemon sauce.

Triopita:  Hand-rolled triangles of phyllo dough generously filled with Momma’s special Feta cheese mixture.

All of those sound good?  Try them all, plus Gyros, and Spanakotiropita – order the Greek Islands Combination!

Greek Islands is located at 906 South Meridian Street.  Their phone number is 317-636-0700.  Open Thursday 10 am – 9 pm.  Friday 10 am – 11 pm.  Saturday 4 pm – 11 pm.  Sunday 4 pm – 10 pm.  You can make a reservation online, just visit their website at

Enjoy!  Opa!


Four Gems with a Extra Point February 1, 2012

While dining in Indianapolis during the week of the Super Bowl we want you to have a great experience.  We have several “heavy hitters” in town when it comes to restaurants.  You might have heard if you’re in Indianapolis, you must go to ____________.  Certainly true, and each of those restaurants deserve all the hype they get.  If you’re here all week, or part of it, I thought about suggesting a few places within walking distance of the Super Bowl Village that deserve some local love.

Cafe Patachou:  225 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, Indiana   “A student union since 1989”  know for their killer breakfasts, Cafe Patachou will leave you filled with Hoosier Hospitality!  Nominated for the “Super 46” sandwich contest their Broken Yolk sandwiches are an Indy favorite.  My suggestion would be the Broken Yolk Sandwich with Ham* Two fried eggs, Swiss cheese, ham and grainy mustard on your choice of buttered toast.  One word – Yum.  With an array of other soup, salad, and sandwich choices, Patachou is a first down winner!  *Breakfast, Lunch, (Dinner – during Super Bowl – Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until 5 p.m.)

Tata Cuban Cafe:  137 West Market Street, Indianapolis, Indiana.  “Our cafe offers all the right ingredients to create the magic food, atmosphere, and rhythms of Cuba in Indiana.”  Tata’s Sweet Plantains are worth the short walk over alone!  Sweet, light, and salty, these little devils will transport your taste buds straight to a warmer climate.  The Cuban Pressed sandwiches will make your mouth water just looking at the steam rolling off the fresh bread.  If you’re in the mood for something heartier may I suggest the Pernil Guantanamero, *Pork leg seasoned with tropical spices roasted to perfection.  Be sure not to miss this Quarterback sneak!  *Lunch, and Dinner service.

King David Dogs:  135 North Pennsylvania, Indianapolis, Indiana   “An Indy Original since 1941” King David Dogs has that “snap” that you crave when you want a good hot dog.  It all starts with their signature all beef 1/4 lb. hot dog.  With 30+ options, you can build the hot dog of your dreams.  My suggestion would be the “Indy Dog” of course, *topped with onions, yellow mustard, sport peppers, and french fries.  Or perhaps you might fancy the Boom Boom Dog *with a fried egg, and cheddar cheese.  If you like a little heat in your condiments you won’t want to miss the Jalapeno Mustard made fresh daily.  *Monday – Friday 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Tavern on South:  423 West South Street, Indianapolis, Indiana.    With “starters” like a Blue Crab Pot Pie, and “Hoosier” Cheese Fondue, you will look around this gorgeous setting and think “WOW.”  Known for their delicious and savory food, and gracious service, this is Hoosier Hospitality at it’s best.  For lunch, I suggest the Tavern Tenderloin Sliders *two hand cut pork tenderloins, panko crusted, with mustard aioli, lettuce, pickle, and shaved red onion, on  fresh pretzel rolls – seriously!  A dinner favorite is the Lobster Stuffer Flounder *Holland flounder, Maine lobster, with boursin cheese potato puree, and citrus buerre blanc.  Tavern on South also has a note worthy wine list with nightly drink specials.  Touchdown!  *Lunch, and Dinner service.

The Libertine:  38 East Washington Street, Indianapolis, Indiana  One word – Phenomenal.  Specialty Drinks, small plates, a perfect way to end your evening in Indianapolis.  You will fall in love with everything here, I suggest the Bacon Flight, that’s right, you read that right!  Artichoke Puffs that you would run over a defensive tackle to get to. Popcorn infused with bacon grease gives a new twist to a classic favorite snack.  Described as “Tall Dark and Handsome”  you won’t want to miss this calling card at the end of the night.    *Tuesday – Thursday 4 p.m. – 12 a.m.  Friday – Saturday 4 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.

Enjoy your time in Indy!