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Who Wins “Wife Of The Year” – I Do….. December 22, 2011

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I’m sneaky, and I know it….

I was trying to finish up Mr. D’s Christmas shopping yesterday.  What do you get the man who doesn’t need anything?  Frustrated, wracking my brain I turned to The Twitter.

Then I saw a tweet – Colts Tickets from Scott Wise.  I remember Mr. D saying he would like to go to a game this year (even though the Colts suck.)  Then the planning began….

I DM’ed Scott about the tickets, told him I wanted them and made arrangements to pick them up today.  Yesterday while all of this was going on I told Mr. D that Kameron’s school had a Washington D.C. meeting tomorrow night (just to make sure he didn’t have anything else going on – Mr. D is in charge of the Washington D.C. meetings.)  He put the meeting on the calendar, no questions asked, and my plan was in motion.  Surprise him with tickets, pre-game reservations made at Iaria’s – then him and Kameron are off to the game.  PERFECT!

Kameron and I went up to Scotty’s headquarters to pick up the tickets.  Mr. D mentioned that he was having lunch at Palomino this afternoon, so I knew exactly where he would be to surprise him with the tickets.  My intention was to pack his Colt’s shirt, jeans, a hat, and his comfy shoes and deliver those items and the tickets when he was finishing up lunch.  Sucker already wore his Colts shirt to work – one less thing to pack.

Kameron and I scoped out Palomino, found where he was sitting, and the sneak attack was on.

Slightly surprised to see us, Mr. D was very happy to see the tickets and hear of our reservation at Iaria’s.

Boom – I just got that – Wife Of The Year….


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