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Girl, you can’t wear that! November 28, 2011

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We’ve all said it, we’ve all seen it.

Nail polish to me is a different animal entirely. So here’s how this whole thing went down.

I saw a girlfriend of mine last week. She had this glittery, very holiday looking, nail polish on for a holiday event she was working. I loved the polish, it looked so festive and fun. I asked her what brand it was and the color name (cause you know OPI has all kind of funky names for their polish.) Made a mental note and thought maybe I would run by the nail polish hub to see if I could pick up this diamond in the rough.

I found it, huzza for me, now my nails can be festive and fun. Out of the corner of my eye was another sparkling beauty. From OPI’s Muppet Collection, the name of the polish was “The Rainbow Connection.” One of my favorite songs of all time, it must be mine. Out I go with my two new polishes, bring on the glitter!

Getting my plans together with my Cousin for Thanksgiving day, I mentioned that I had some awesome new polish. Describing it to her she said “Cousin you are too old to wear that polish.” What, what, what? She continued to say, you’re 40, which I reminded her SHE is forty, I’m 38. Thirties justify glitter nail polish, hell, glitter for everyone if it makes you feel happy.

So when we got together on Thanksgiving she said “let me see your hooker nail polish.”  I gladly showed the glitter in all it’s awesomeness.  Rolling her eyes she said “it’s cute but you’re still to old to wear it.”

So I’m just wondering, throwing it out there, does glitter have an age barrier?  When is enough – enough?



One Response to “Girl, you can’t wear that!”

  1. Andrea Eybel Says:

    I’m turning 37 in less than a week! I say WEAR IT! I still wear toe rings! Just because we are in our mid to late thirties does not mean we are suddenly OLD. Hell, I’d wear it in my mid to late 40’s if I liked it. It’s fun! Who wants to be an old fuddy duddy! BLEH!


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