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Girl, you can’t wear that! November 28, 2011

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We’ve all said it, we’ve all seen it.

Nail polish to me is a different animal entirely. So here’s how this whole thing went down.

I saw a girlfriend of mine last week. She had this glittery, very holiday looking, nail polish on for a holiday event she was working. I loved the polish, it looked so festive and fun. I asked her what brand it was and the color name (cause you know OPI has all kind of funky names for their polish.) Made a mental note and thought maybe I would run by the nail polish hub to see if I could pick up this diamond in the rough.

I found it, huzza for me, now my nails can be festive and fun. Out of the corner of my eye was another sparkling beauty. From OPI’s Muppet Collection, the name of the polish was “The Rainbow Connection.” One of my favorite songs of all time, it must be mine. Out I go with my two new polishes, bring on the glitter!

Getting my plans together with my Cousin for Thanksgiving day, I mentioned that I had some awesome new polish. Describing it to her she said “Cousin you are too old to wear that polish.” What, what, what? She continued to say, you’re 40, which I reminded her SHE is forty, I’m 38. Thirties justify glitter nail polish, hell, glitter for everyone if it makes you feel happy.

So when we got together on Thanksgiving she said “let me see your hooker nail polish.”  I gladly showed the glitter in all it’s awesomeness.  Rolling her eyes she said “it’s cute but you’re still to old to wear it.”

So I’m just wondering, throwing it out there, does glitter have an age barrier?  When is enough – enough?



Kameron’s Melt Down November 27, 2011

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Normally, at least I would think, people like to sleep in. I would say if a person was asked “given the opportunity would you sleep in if you could?” I think most would say “yes.”

Then there’s my son.

I woke up late for me.  Mr. D let me sleep in, which I always appreciate.  It’s just a deal with us not to bother the other person if they are asleep.  If Mr. D sleeps in it’s because he really needs it. Sometimes  it gets him breakfast in bed, which doesn’t hurt, right?  Anyway, I woke up late.  I looked into the hallway and saw Kameron and Samanthas doors were both shut.  Which meant they were still sleeping.  Too much Thanksgiving celebration perhaps.  Kameron’s had a little bit of a cold, so I figured the extra sleep couldn’t hurt.

I walked out into the living room finding Mr. D in the “Sunday Position.”  The Sunday Position is him sitting on the couch with coffee, the news paper up on the computer, and some ridiculous political show on the TV.   He must have heard me because he got up, gave me a kiss and a hug.  I squeezed back and asked “where is everybody?”  “Still asleep I guess” he said as he sat back down to watch the political ridiculousness.  Samantha surfaced not too long after.  Kameron was still not spoken for, like I said, he had a touch of a cold, so I wasn’t too worried about him.

About a half hour later I heard a rather large sigh.  I looked back and there was my son looking barely awake and rather annoyed.  I said “hey Boo” and got up to hug him – which he was clearly not in the mood for.  I stood back and asked “what’s wrong with you?”  I mean, the kid has at least ten hours of sleep, how could he possibly be in a rotten mood?  He looked at me with big tears in his eyes and said “how could you?”  A little surprised, I said “how could I what?”  He started stomping towards the stairs and I said “Kameron, get back here, what is your problem?”  (Now I’m irritated.)  He sat down on the steps with his head in his hands.

Thinking the possibility of his explanation being completely without merit and ridiculous, I do what any good parent would do – push record on my iPhone.

He said “how could you let me sleep in like that?”  I said “well, you’ve had a cold, and I thought you might need the rest.”  “Mom, I didn’t get to start playing my game!”  (It’s a wrestling game that he got last week – I didn’t buy it – he paid for it himself.)  I thought to myself is this kid serious?  Surely there has to be some explanation for this upheaval of emotions regarding this game.  I sent Mr. D to make sure as Kameron stomped upstairs.

Kameron sitting on the couch crying, Mr. D confirmed that nothing could have happened to the game while he was asleep.  No levels were lost.  No players gone.  No match not finished.  He just wanted to get up earlier damnit and play the game.  Since we didn’t get him up in protest he was just going to sit on the couch, stare at the blank tv, and cry.  This is what I call 12 year old boy PMS.  I sat on the couch and just shook my head.  What was I suppose to do – it’s freakin ridiculous.

About ten minutes later his friend Ben who lives down the street rang the doorbell.  Mr. D let him in and told him Kameron was upstairs.

It was a transformation.  Right before my eyes my emotional, pathetic, crying at the blank tv son became Kameron again.

Geez he’s only 12.


Favreita November 2, 2011

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Favreita, name bestowed to me, by my friend, Ryan Cox.

I remember when I first met Ryan.  It was a Tweetup at the Duck Pin Bowling place in Irvington.  I was new to Social Media, I really had no idea what it was, or what I was getting myself into.  I just knew it was time to meet some new people.  I had already joined the Hole In The Wall Food Group on Smaller Indiana and met some really great people.  So I thought, why not?  A tweetup sounds like the same kind of gathering, fun.  Even though I had never met Ryan, I could tell from our banter on Twitter that I liked the guy.  Once I met Ryan (and his big personality) there was never a doubt, we would be friends.

Although being friends with Ryan has it’s perils.  Like betting against him.  I’ve only bet Ryan once, and once was enough.  I lost the bet, and even though I only had to buy lunch, the ensuing ridicule I received until I “paid up” was enough to know that I didn’t want to bet against him again.  Since then I’ve seen other people make “bets” with Ryan, and I always just laugh and shake my head.  It’s almost like the guy has an inside bookie, which, by the way, wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Ryan also likes to give me a hard time about my Brett Favre obsession. We would go back and forth about Favre on Twitter (hence the nickname Favreita).  Where the coined hashtag #FavreYou was created (by me.)  And the Twitter account @Favreyou was created by Ryan, just to mess with me.  The bio of the “Favreyou” account states “I do not support Stephanie Daily.  I wish she would become a fan of Jay Cutler or something.”  Also posted is a lovely picture of Brett at a podium with a goofy hat on, a “Miss Bachlorette” sash, it’s really pathetic portrayal of my beloved QB.  Very, very, Ryan (in the funniest way.)

I never thought I would ever find anyone that understood my relationship with Brett Favre, or the Green Bay Packers besides my Dad.  (Mr. D excluded.)  Ryan confirmed yesterday, he gets it.

I was talking to Ryan last night about a project, inevitably the conversation always turns to sports.  Ryan was laughing last night and said, “you know, Green Bay might be the real deal this year.”  I laughed with an inkling of where he was going with that statement, and let him continue on.  He was giggling, and said “you hate Aaron Rodgers don’t you?”  I said something like “I HATE THAT GUY.”  Ryan just laughed harder, which made me start laughing.  He said “you’re probably the only Packers fan on the planet that gets pissed off when he passes for a touchdown.”  At this point, I was belly laughing (like the kind of laugh that makes you bend over because you’re laughing so hard.)  He wouldn’t let up, “oh sure a rushing touchdown is ok, but if Rodgers throws into in end zone for a TD and they compare him to’re livid.”  At this point I was in tears laughing.  Then he adds, “I bet that State Farm commercial REALLY pisses you off – where he does his Touch-Down move.”  I was paralyzed with laughter, I couldn’t say anything else.  He said – “you know what I’m going to do, I’m gonna post that video on your Facebook page.”  I said “you better not.”  He said “I’m gonna!”  I threatened to delete it, and he threatened to just keep posting it until I gave up.

We finally got off the phone after a few more minutes trash talking.  That’s the hardest I’ve laughed in awhile.

I just wanted to say thanks to Ryan.  You understand my delusional ways.