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Dear Mr. Irsay, go “Favre” yourself August 22, 2011

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My God.

20 hours ago my life was normal, and then this happened….

 “JimIrsay Jim Irsay
 I’m in Mississippi,down at the crossroads….looking 4 that deal Mr. Johnson cut  so many years ago….”
And then this…
“JimIrsay Jim Irsay
Brad,I’m in Hattiesburg…is it right or left at the Firechief?
And then this…
ShawnieQRShawnieQR: Lord knows I don’t want #Favre playing for the #Colts but the humor of seeing @seppichdaily in a #Colts jersey would last a lifetime! 11:52am, Aug 22 from Web
seppichdailyseppichdaily: @shawnieqr HaHaHa laugh all you want Shawnie, this girl doesn’t wear blue, even if there is a #Favre on it! #favreyou (first one this year) 11:56am, Aug 22 from HootSuite
minipegminipeg: @seppichdaily @shawnieqr OMG that would totally be worth having #Farve here as a #Colts!! I would love to see that!! 🙂 12:02pm, Aug 22 from Web
ShawnieQRShawnieQR: @minipeg @seppichdaily It would be a cold day in hell – but the thought of it cracks me up! 12:08pm, Aug 22 from Twitter for iPhone
minipegminipeg: @ShawnieQR @seppichdailyOh I’m rolling on the inside! 12:13pm, Aug 22 from Web

These people are my friends?

These aren’t the only posts that I’ve gotten on Twitter or Facebook, and until this rumor is resolved, surely they won’t be the last.

But good Lord, Favre in a Colts uniform?  It unimaginable to me.  Just as Favre being in a Vikings uniform was like Judas betraying Jesus (to Packer fans) – not three but FOUR times.

Favre being with the Vikings, and me being ok with it, is something that only my Dad understood.  Dad and I were up in Lambeau when Brett made his return flight to Green Bay.  We were at the pads practice, along with ESPN and every Packer fan in Green Bay and within who knows how many miles.  What we heard and saw up there, was not what you heard and saw from Ted Thompson, or the Packer Organization.  People were pissed.  Fans were booing Rodgers as he stepped out onto the practice field.  They wanted Favre back, and they were letting it be known.  The Packers weren’t listening.

We all know what happened after that.  Brett went to play for the Jets.  Then retired.  The went to the Vikings, totally kicked ass, missed the Super Bowl.  Came back for a second year, and got his ass kicked. I half halfheartedly cheered for the Packers in the Super Bowl, and was glad that they won.  However, Aaron Rodgers will never be my Quarterback.

That was it for me.  That was the end of Brett’s career as a football player.  I imagine him now mowing his back 40 with a piece of hay hanging out of his mouth, waiving to neighbors.

So enters Mr. Irsay with his ridiculous tweets.  Enters my friends with “will Stephanie finally become a Colts fan?”

The answer is no.  The only way you’re getting a Colts jersey on me is if you photoshop one on – DON’T get any ideas.

Even if Favre were to come to Indianapolis, I couldn’t in good faith become a “Colts Fan.”  That’s originally why I couldn’t stand Colts fans, because they were bandwagon fans.  One of my favorite things to do during football season is to watch my twitter feed, all the whining and crying of Colts fans.  Calling for Tony Dungy (when he was there) to get fired.  To bench Manning.  The defense sucks, the offense sucks, another interception #OMGCOLTS.

It may seem that I’m being a bit of a hypocrite, which in some peoples eyes;  I truly am.  Jumping teams with Favre.  My assortment of jerseys.  One thing I was always constant with was Favre was my quarterback, no matter what team he played for.  Reminiscent of Joe Montana’s fans back in the day – (who ironically I didn’t like – lol.)  They loved Joe, but at some point, enough was enough.

That’s where I’m at with Brett.  Enough is enough.

Curiously, if this “does” happen, it puts Brett in the same city with me….Maybe this isn’t such a bad idea after all.  That was a joke… kinda….

If he does end up coming, I’ll watch him, and hope that he doesn’t get his head torn off.


And your time starts….now! August 18, 2011

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My Dad was a funny guy.  I always appreciated his sense of humor, which is hard to describe if you never met him.  Think Monty Python meets Weekend at Bernie’s.  Broad, kind of dark at times, but very funny.

One thing my Dad was a stickler about was being late.  I mean he hated, HATED, being late.  He always wanted to be on time for everything, and living with four women made it damn near impossible to be on time for anything.  Another thing he was a stickler about was when it was time to leave, it was time to leave.  I can remember him heaving a heavy sigh after church, standing outside, waiting for my mom to leave church.  “Your mother has to talk to everybody” he would say to me.  This especially got irritating to him when it was football season.  My Dad would come over every Sunday to watch the Packers play with me.  The timing thing was crucial.  He had to get out of church, and get over to my house before the 1:00 p.m. start time.  It got to the point where he would drive separately from my mom to church so he could be at my house, beer in hand, and chips ready, for the start of the game.

What really threw a monkey wrench into my Dad’s plans was when there was a “guest speaker ” at church.  A missionary, the church’s financial update, a guest priest that took a little too long with a homily, it really got Johnno’s blood boiling.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that he didn’t think that they had the right to promote their charity, or talk about their latest mission trip, or ask for an extra donation.  He just thought most of them took too long, it was too much information, he just wanted to pray, and be on his way.

So my Dad developed a system.  (Disclaimer – if you have a church or a charity please do not take offense to this – this was just the Johnno way.)  When my Dad knew that there was going to be a “second act” or an additional person talking during the “homily” time Dad would put them on a timer.   My Dad developed a system (which was completely rational in his mind.)  Let me explain how this worked.

My Dad has a set donation – an extra $10.00 towards the charity – on top of the donation that my parents regularly made to the church. So when the guests  started their talk, say it started at 12:30 p.m. – my Dad would give them 10 minutes of “his” time to get in all they had to say about their charity or organization.  If they went over the allotted “Johnno Time” he would deduct a dollar per minute they went over.

I’m not kidding.

I can remember being at church, there would be a guest.  My Dad would look at his watch, cross his arms, and give me either a nod, a wink, or a smile.  I knew what was going on, some of those folks didn’t have a donation chance in hell.

12:30 p.m. start time, still talking at 12:40 p.m.  – at 12:41 p.m.  a dollar gets taken away.  You went from $10.00 to $9.00, tick-tock goes the clock, so does your donation.  The pastor at church knew it too, sometimes, not very often – but sometimes,  I would catch them looking at my Dad out of the corner of their eye knowing what he was doing.  Some organizations got all of the $10.00 that was intended, some got nothing.  Dad would always grandly report whether or not they got a donation, or if they only got a partial donation.  It wasn’t meant to be mean, it was just the way my Dad was.

At my Dad’s funeral, one of the priests commented, well we’ve already gone over an hour and a half, we better wrap this up.  My Dad would have appreciated that, and laughed.

My Dad, he was a funny guy.


Into The Woods Tomorrow… August 4, 2011

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Kameron’s play “Into The Woods” previews tomorrow at 4:00 and 7:00 p.m.

As I tucked him into bed this evening, I asked him is he was excited. Yawning, he said “yeah Mom.” Five minutes later he was completely crashed out, Shayla the dog by his side, and something that resembled a grin on his face.

I remember when he started this journey a month ago. I remember early in the summer he found out that they were doing the play “Into The Woods” he was so excited. He knew exactly what part he wanted, and I told him to go for it. I told him to envision that he already had the part, there was competition, but he knew the play best, he had practiced, he sent the request to the universe, and the universe complied in stellar fashion.

So tomorrow when the curtain draws, I’ll cry. I’m such a wimp when it comes to Kameron. He is my joy, I’m just so proud of him. For him to develop his skills socially, artistically, to accomplished so much in such a short period of time, it’s awesome really.

Dropping him off tomorrow, we’ll do our regular routine. A hug, a kiss, and an I love you boo. Then he’s out of the car and into the auditorium. He’ll be incredible, I’m sure. No mother could be any prouder of their son than I am now.

Between the tears, I’ll manage to take some video. He’s going to be a great wolf.