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The Audition July 12, 2011

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You know when you go on an interview, like a job interview, for the first time.  I don’t know about you, but I always get a little queasy.  It’s the unknown really, even though you’re confident in your abilities, and you know you’re qualified, still there is that anxiousness about doing great so you’ll get the job.

Think its bad for you?  It’s worse when it’s your child.  Kameron has been going to theater camp at Roncalli High School for the past three summers.  His first play, “Godspell Junior”, we were all surprised to see him grab the microphone and sing part of a song.  I remember my Dad saying to me “Kambo has found his calling.”   It’s funny, as big of a sports fan I am I would have loved to have an athletic son, but Kameron is just not athletic.  He loves acting, he loves drama…. I wonder where he gets that from?  Anyway, last year they did the play “Honked” he didn’t get a big part in the play, and he was disappointed.  The unwritten rules are they give the older kids the more significant roles, and let the younger ones get their feet wet, so to speak.

When Kameron found out the play they were doing this summer, he was thrilled.  “MOM, they are doing Into the Woods this year at Roncalli!!”  “Into the Woods” is a play that Kameron is very familiar with.  He’s watched the movie, read the book, seen the play at Buck Creek Players, he knows this play.  About a week ago before camp started, he started reading the book again.  He announced “I am going to try out to be the Wolf in the play this year.”  I told him, “well you certainly know the play, but you’ll have to try out for the part just like everyone else.”  Why would he think he would just get it…ok, nevermind.    Yesterday was the first day at camp, I told him to let the power to be know that he has been practicing all summer, and wants to try out for the Wolf part.  When I picked him up yesterday, I asked if he told them that.  “Yes” he said, “try-outs are tomorrow.”  Remember that queasy feeling, it kicked into high gear in that moment.

I made sure he got a good nights sleep, and a good breakfast this morning.  I hugged him and said “you’re going to do a great job, show them what you got kiddo, I’ll see you later.”

There will either be joy or tears around Noon.  Let’s hope it’s not the later.  God, my stomach…


2 Responses to “The Audition”

  1. BgKahuna Says:

    Good luck to him today. Break a l……., well you know what I mean.

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