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My Son, The Toy Hoarder July 7, 2011

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Did I mention my nephews are in town? If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been posting pictures on Facebook and Twitter.  There ==> That’s William and Kam.

  <==That’s Kai, don’t you want to just pick him up and squeeze him?

My sister and brother-in-law got into town on Monday.  My sister got a job at Marian University and my brother-in-law can work remotely, so after being gone from the Hoosier state for around ten years, they are back home again in Indiana.  Which makes me a very happy camper, I mean, I FINALLY get to spoil my nephews.  Believe me, I’ve been waiting for this opportunity, I’m going to seize it.  Kameron was equally excited, having his cousins around means there is (most of the time) someone to hang out with, someone to play with.  Thinking of my own cousin, I hope they don’t pull the same shenanigans that we did, undoubtedly there will be some.  My claim is that Kameron will never get away with anything, I’ll always be one step ahead, we’ll see.

So back to my toy hoarding son.  The definition of hoarding is “the acquisition of and failure to discard a large number of possessions that appear to be useless or of limited value.”   My son was an only child until I married Mr. D.  He was also the first grandchild to my parents.  He was also the FIRST BOY in my family.  Needless to say, the child wanted for nothing.  It was embarrassing taking clothes to consignment shops with the tags still on them.  Toys that might have been played with once, and replaced the next day or week.  I can’t blame it all on my parents, mostly my mother, I spoiled this kid.  I still have to stop myself sometimes, he’s getting older now, and I want him to appreciate what he has, unlike so many other kids his age that have this sense of entitlement….That’s another blog post.

So the best thing about going to someone elses house when you’re a kid is the toys!  Different peoples stuff is so much more interesting than your own stuff.  So imagine you’re two kids, 8,000 miles away from what you knew as home, and you’re at Cousin Kameron’s house – with Cousin Kameron’s stuff.  Dive right in right? 

Dude this is one drawer thingy.  ONE.  We actually cleaned out some of Kameron’s old “Car’s” toys and gave them away to a friend’s little guy because they haven’t been touched in months, hell, probably years, and we had all of them, the complete set (nothing but the best for Kambo).

So when Will and Kai came over today I opened up the toy drawers and said have at it kiddos!

Thinking nothing about how Kameron might react.  I mean, they’re his cousins.  He’s been really good about sharing, or at least I thought he was.  No big deal right?  Wrong.

Stomping out into the living room Kameron interrupts a very important tweet I was just about to post (kidding).  He said “MOM, they are playing with my stuff.”  Sorta ignoring him, going about my business I said “what stuff?”  “MY STUFF, MY TOYS!”  I laughed, not even looking at him, then there was that awkward silence.  He wasn’t kidding, I glanced up, not happy with my reaction, Kameron let out a heavy sigh (where does he get that) and looked to me for a better answer.

Seriously?  Kameron hasn’t touched these toys that he was so distraught about in who knows how long.  This is first child, only child, syndrome at it’s best.   Finally less distracted and paying attention to his feelings I suggested that he play with them with his toys.  “They are getting (meaning Kai) slobber on them Mom”  I patted him on the shoulder and assured them the slobber would wash off.   Reluctantly, Kameron went back into his room to share his sacred toys.

I was surprised how Kameron reacted, but if I were in his shoes, I probably would have acted the same way.  All is good.  The toys are still in the room, slobber proof.  Wait till I tell Kameron he has to pick up his room….I can hear it now “I didn’t make this mess!”  The joys of parenthood.


2 Responses to “My Son, The Toy Hoarder”

  1. Marcia Says:

    I wondered when Kameron would get sick of having to share his toys. When you’re not used to having to share, it doesn’t feel good to have to do it. My kids had a great time — Will was begging to go back. Sorry that Kameron wasn’t so happy. 😦

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