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Happy Mothers Day! May 9, 2011

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Isn’t it the simplest things in life that really are the best?

  Late last night, Kameron remembered that he had one more thing to give me for Mother’s Day, and very proudly presented me with this card.  I thought it might just have the typical, love you Mom, with a signature.  Apparently, they ramp Mother’s Day cards up in the 5th grade.  Inside there were statements, and Kameron had to give his take on what he thought about Mom.  So here is goes, here is my Mother’s Day report card – graded by Kameron.

My mom loves me best – “When I get good grades in school, and show my talents to her.”  (Cute)

My mom looks prettiest when – “She puts on any dress, or any kind of makeup.” (Aww)

I like being with my mom most when – “We go to a restaurant, or go to the mall.”  (Funny)

The funniest thing I can remember about my mom is – (Uh Oh) “When she plays with my dog with a chew toy.” (Dodged that one)

If I could give my mom something special just from me, it would be – “A beautiful, shiny, green emerald (Good Taste) or I would give her roses for her garden.”  (Thoughtful)

My favorite thing about my mom is – “That she likes wrestling like me.  My mom’s favorite wrestler is Hulk Hogan.  My favorite wrestler is John Cena.”  (Like minded)

The best time I ever had with Mom was when – “We ate at the sushi bar.  The best sushi roll I ever had was the California Roll.  My mom likes the Spicy Tuna Roll.”  (Sushi United)

Here’s a poem just for Mom:

“Mom, you are just the best and you beat the rest.  Flowers are your favorite, and you really love gum.  You find many cool dresses, and love to shop.  You are the best!  Love, Kameron.”

Doesn’t that just make you heart soar?

In fairness, I thought it would be appropriate to answer the same questions about Kameron, and give him my answers later today, so here is goes.

My son loves me best – when I see his big smile walking towards my car after school.  When he sneaks in a hug or a kiss when I least expect it.

My son looks most handsome when – he wears matching clothes.  Or when he has a shirt and tie on.

I like being with my son most when – we are in the car together, singing songs (we’re pretty good rappers), and when he helps me cook dinner.

The funniest thing I can remember about my son is – when he thinks something is so funny that he doubles over laughing about it.

If I could give my son something special just from me, it would be – a promise that I will always believe in you, I will always tuck you into bed every night, I will always try not to embarrass you when you’re a teenager, and I will always, always, love you.

My favorite thing about my son is – there are too many things to mention, can I just say everything?  I really like your taste in music, that your favorite thing to eat is sushi, what a caring and loving little man you are, and that you think your Mom is still pretty cool.

The best time I ever had with my son was – another unfair question, there are too many things to mention.  One thing that sticks out is the first time I saw him sing on stage in the play “Godspell Junior.”  He didn’t tell anyone that he had a singing part, he wanted to surprise all of us I think.  Definitely one of my favorite “Kameron” moments.

I’m not really good at poems, but I’ll give it a try.

Kameron, you are the best son a mom could ask for,  I really like it when you sweep the floor.  You like to sing, you like to cook, which is really cool in my book.  You’re really sweet, and very smart, your smile always warms my heart.  Always remember this is true, your Mom really loves you!


3 Responses to “Happy Mothers Day!”

  1. Marcia Says:

    How awesome! What a nice mother’s day gift!

  2. Mandi Says:

    Love this!! Got a little tear in my eye reading it. Happy belated Mother’s Day!

  3. made nana cry – beautiful

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