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Nordstrom Continues To Impress April 15, 2011

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So…. I look like I have a waist.

Oprah was right, again….. Nordstrom is the way to go to lift, separate, and show off your boobies!

Forget embarrassment, in my previous blog, “My Me This Week,” I shared with the masses (lol) about my bra fitting experience at Nordstrom.  Again, ladies, please, heed my advice, go get a proper bra fitting.


You won’t believe the way your clothes look.  You won’t believe the way it makes you feel.

I mean come on, what makes you feel better than a new pair of shoes, or a sexy pair of skivvies?  Seriously?

Gloating to my girlfriend at lunch today about my lingerie experience at Nordstrom, my phone rang.  Expecting a call from a client, I answered, I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Guess who it was?  My self-proclaimed “Bra-Chick” Danielle from Nordstrom.  She just wanted to call and see how my new bras were working out.  Seriously?  I told her I was in total love, she laughed in appreciation.  She also wanted to follow-up on the other bra and panty set that I had purchased.  She asked if I had received it yet.  “No,” I said, “but I’m looking forward to their arrival.”  Danielle said, “let me look in the system, they should have arrived by now.”  Waiting a second, she came back and told me “they were shipped from California yesterday, you should receive them today.”  “Fabo” I said, (is this woman really calling me about my bras, on a Friday afternoon?)  Danielle also said “Steph, I will call you when we have specials on the bra and panty sets you liked the best, if we have coupons, you will receive them to the email address that you provided to us (verified address), or in the mail.”

Danielle also thanked me for writing a blog post about my experience at Nordstrom.  She said that Nordstrom recognized her efforts in a recent company meeting, and appreciated me taking the time to express my gratitude of her service.  “Exceptional Service” I said, my boobies couldn’t be happier.

By the way, my anticipated bra and panty set arrived today – thank you!!

Again, Ladies, Please…..PLEASE….

See my Girl, My Partner In Panties, Danielle at Nordstrom.

The 411

Danielle Wilson

Certified Fit Specialist


Circle Center Mall, Indianapolis

317.636.2121 x 1240


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