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Every Other Friday April 8, 2011

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I dread every other Friday.  Dread It!  Every other Friday means that my son Kambo, has to leave home and go out to his  Father’s house over the weekend.  I use the term Father loosely, I certainly wouldn’t call him Dad.

Waiting in the car line today to pick Kameron, I knew it.  I knew I would see the disappointment in his eyes.

His father and I have been divorced for many years.  He’s actually been in and out of Kameron’s life since he was two.  He got remarried, had a couple of kids, and has left Kameron by the way side, along with my child support.  I never really doubted whether or not he loved Kameron until the other day.  I mean he rarely shows up to Kameron’s activities, he used to get him one night during the week, (that all ended when he got remarried).  However, in our divorce decree it says that he has to carry some sort of life insurance on himself.  In the event something happens, Kameron’s college, or at least a good part, would be taken care of.  Which of course, he hasn’t done.  When we went back to court last May, because he hadn’t paid me support in over a year, he was ordered to get life insurance.  Still hasn’t.  So the other day I was on the phone with him (trust me – this does not happen often) I said “look, you haven’t gotten the life insurance you were suppose to get after we went to court.”  He said “no, I haven’t.”  Then I offered to take out (here comes the insurance girl in me) a 20 year term policy on him, make Kameron the beneficiary, and I would pay for it.  His answer – no.  Why wouldn’t you do that for your own son?

So back to the drama.  Kameron said “Mom, I don’t want to go to Dad’s this weekend, I want to stay home with you.”  I encouraged him that he needed to go, and that he will have a good time.  He said no, with big tears in his eyes, “I want to stay home with you and Kerry.”  It just broke my heart.  My son, almost 12 years old, doesn’t want to see his father.  Not that I blame him, I don’t want to see him either.  So I suggested he call his father and leave him a message to have him call back.  No answer, no phone call back.   I suggest he text his father.  No text back.  At this point, my hands are tied.  I have to take him on the 15 minute drive to meet him.

I’ve always maintained that I will never have to tell Kameron what an asshole his father is, he would figure it out on his own.  I just thought it would be a little later than 11, almost, 12 years old.

I’m so blessed to have Kerry as a “Dad” for Kameron.   He does everything a Dad should do.  I does make me miss my Dad because he was so involved in Kameron’s life.

Anyway, it’s so true kids don’t listen to what you say, they do what you do.  So if you ignore your child, and act like you don’t care, what reaction as a parent do you think you’ll get from them?  That’s a rhetorical question, by the way.


One Response to “Every Other Friday”

  1. The good news, Kameron told his father he didn’t want to go out there. So he’s staying home.

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