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My “Me” This Week April 7, 2011

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I’m not shy.  I mean really, if you’ve ever met me, follow me on Twitter, or are a friend of mine on Facebook, the consensus is that Stephanie is not shy.

I love Oprah.  I mean really.  She rocks.  I make my best effort to make sure that I am tuned in at 4 (est) to see what she has going on for that day.  There are a few shows that really stick out in my mind.  One in-particular that struck me, a make-over show that she did.  Make-over shows have that WOW factor that people like me with self prescribed ADD can actually pay attention to.  I’ve watched a lot of make over shows, the main things that women RAVE over is not the clothes (while they are very nice), not the hair (fly as it may be), it’s the BRAS.

Bras?  I mean a staple in a woman’s wardrobe.  How can that make that much of a difference?

Oprah swore the right Bra can make a huge difference in your appearance, and your wardrobe.  Recommending Nordstrom on several shows, it peaked my interest, no doubt about it.  A name like Nordstrom, recommended by Oprah, gives a girl like me sticker shock.  I mean, Oprah gives people cars, trips, diamonds, cashmere.  If she’s recommending a store – by name – it has to be the best of the best.  Which intimidates me, a little.

Until I saw a tweet by Casey Mullins (@mooshinindy) about getting sized for a bra at Nordstrom recently.   I DM’ed her (private messaged her on Twitter) and asked her about the experience, and pricing.  As always, Casey was very light-hearted, but informative.  She made it sound less intimidating, and kinda funny, but seriously worth it.

So I decided today, after being a loyal Victoria Secret girl for MANY years to take the plunge, take Oprah’s word for it, and get myself a proper bra.

As ridiculous as it may sound, I called Nordstrom to see if I needed an appointment for a bra fitting.  I expected a grandmother type voice on the other end of the line, instead the chipper twenty something woman told me I did not need an appointment, and inquired when I might be coming in.  I told her this afternoon, she pleasantly said, I look forward to seeing you.  I hung up and froze.  Am I really going to do this?  Really?  Before I knew it I was in my car driving downtown to my Bra Destination.

As I walked into the Nordstrom Lingerie department, I felt out of sorts.  I mean I have been going to Victoria Secrets for years, even worked there as a second job years ago.  I was familiar with their products, knew where they were, and didn’t need anyone to take a look at my boobies to confirm what bra I should spend my cash on.  Oprah says Nordstrom, so after a glass of wine at Chammps, here I am.

I was greeted by a pleasant woman named Danielle Wilson, who asked if there was anything she could help me with.  Looking around for a grandma, I inquired about a bra fitting, smiling, she said sure, I can help you with that, let me get you a room.

She introduced her self to me, as Danielle, she immediately wanted to know what I was interested in.  I told her “well Oprah said a new bra would change my life so here I am.”  She laughed and said, “yes, Oprah does know what she’s talking about, why don’t you take off your shirt.”  That’s like a two or five drink suggestion for me.  So I took of my shirt.  She did the measure around my ribs, and said “OK Steph, I’ll be right back”.  I’m Steph now, so we’re fast friends.  I suppose with these kind of sales, it’s bound to happen.  Showing your boobies to a prefect stranger, that’s like a secret sisterhood. Bra off, waiting for what Danielle had in store for me.

Danielle came back with several different choices for me. Choices like the Lexus (more expensive) of Bras to the Toyota (mid price range) of Bras.   Some I totally loved, some looked like what my grandmother might wear.  The purpose is, get the fit right, the sexy comes later.  The shocker was I have been wearing the wrong size of bra for many, many, years.

While I was breaking the ice with Danielle, I said “so how does one become a Bra Specialist?”  I remember working part-time at Victoria Secret, being thrown a tape measure and being wished the best of luck.  Danielle told me the actually have to get certified through Nordstrom to work in the Lingerie Department.  You can tell, the experience is totally different,.  Surprisingly, the prices aren’t.  I would drop $48-$75 for a bra at Victoria Secrets, without even thinking about it, not including the matching panties.

At the end of the day, I got a couple of Toyota’s (mid price range) and a Lexus (more expensive), that I just couldn’t resist, panties to match.  One panty they did not have in the store that they are having shipped to me free of charge from Michigan Avenue.

I asked Danielle if she works on commission, she does. Ask for her: Danielle Wilson – at Circle Center Mall.

Try out the Bra Experience at Nordstrom, I would say it is a life changing experience, Oprah was right once again. Perky!

Danielle Wilson

Certified Fit Specialist – Lingerie/Hosiery

Circle Center Mall

317.636.2121 ext 1240


2 Responses to “My “Me” This Week”

  1. Jenn Says:

    It’s like you just double dared me to go and do this now…. ggeezzz.. making the appt today! 🙂

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