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Pedi’s are good for you! April 3, 2011

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My friend Jenn Kampmeier started a company called “Ladies Evening Out” focusing on women taking time out for themselves.  In the mumbo-jumbo of every day life, we forget to stop and take care of us.  It’s important, really more than we think.  So many of us are Wives, Mothers, Daughters, Aunts, Co-Workers, Friends, Significant Others, when are we just Me?

So I took some time out today to be just “Me” with my sister Ashley.  We grabbed some sushi with Mr. D and Kameron, went to a pet shelter, but then we ditched the guys and went to get a pedicure.  Ashley and I are working on our relationship.  She’s thirteen years younger than I am, going through things that I’ve already experienced in my life.  Instead of ragging on all of those things, we just sat next to each other in our pedicure chairs and shared a couple of laughs.  The place was buzzing with talk of spring break and kids running around, we were just enjoying each others company.  It was cool.

As Women, we work our ass off.  We bring home the bacon, fry in up in the pan, and wash that sucker when dinner is over.

Even if it’s just once a month, do something for yourself!


One Response to “Pedi’s are good for you!”

  1. Jenn Says:

    Great blog! So glad that you took time for yourself!! 🙂

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