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Valentines Day February 15, 2011

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I love tulips.  They’re a sign of spring, new things to come.  4 years ago today Mr. D asked me to marry him.  It was one of the happiest moments of my life.  Isn’t that what Valentines Day is all about?  Moments that you won’t forget, love, romance?

I picked up Kameron as I usually do in the car line today.  What was special about today is that he had his Valentines Day party today at school.  5th grade is the last year that you get to have a Valentines Day party, pretty much after that the teachers figure the hormones will kick in and the Valentines Day joy or despair will take care of itself.  Kameron and I put together his Valentines Day cards last night.  He addressed them to every kid in his class.  He also had “Boy” Valentines Day cards, and “Girl” Valentines Cards.  One card, was more special than all the rest – one card had a little extra something in it – which he slipped in without me knowing it.  (He’s so me.)  One card for a special girl – let’s call her Blaire.

See Kameron has always been a ladies man.  I’ll never forget the phone call from kindergarten that he kissed Kaitlyn on the playground.  That was a proud moment in his mother’s life, let me tell you.  Kaitlyn left that school, and we could all breathe a sigh of relief that there would be no more making out sessions on the playground.

Then there was the call from his second grade teacher that said “Mrs.  Daily, Kameron has girls in class that will get his lunch for him, turn a page for him in class when he isn’t paying attention, grab his book bag when it’s time for the car line.”  I asked Kameron about these things, best I got was a smile and a shrug.  Kam’s a ladies man.

So today I saw a somber look on my son’s face as he approached my car.  Uh-Oh I thought to myself.  Something didn’t turn out exactly the way he wanted it to.  (Us Eppichs/Dreesen/Dailys – we don’t hide our expressions very well.)  Kambo got in the car with his bag full of goodies, with a long look on his face.  I said “Hey Bud, how was your day?”  “Awful, he said.”  I looked, big decorated bag, full of Valentines Day Cards and enough sugar to last for at least a week.  It wasn’t in the bag that the look came from, it was what was in his hand where the real disappointment came from.  He brought a ring, something that he surely got from a BW3’s prize machine, to give to this girl.  I guess Blaire didn’t want it, so he came home, tail between his legs, crushed with disappointment.  “She didn’t want the ring Mom.”  I smiled and said “it won’t be the last ring or the last girl sweetheart, I love you.”  He smiled and started eating the candy from the party.

This Blair girl, she better watch herself, if she know what’s good for her.

Happy Valentines Day!