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How much do you want to know – really? January 12, 2011

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How much honesty do you want to have on someone’s blog that you read?

Tell the truth.

I read some stuff that I know is fluff.  I read some stuff and say to myself “Oh My God, why would anyone put that information out there?”  Aren’t there just some things that you leave with your therapist?

I mean, I have stories that would make your toes curl.

So what do you really want?


5 Responses to “How much do you want to know – really?”

  1. I don’t mind TMI- but if it is really, really TMI- I like at least a warning and maybe a jump page to give me the choice if I want to know.

    I also believe it depends on the author. If it is a personal blog I’ve chosen to follow and revisit- then I don’t mind. If it is a business blog- that’s out of line and unprofessional.

    Some people have a knack for presenting uncomfortable, almost too-personal information in a vulnerable way that makes it ok. Some…do not. 🙂

  2. Blogging is probably like a therapist for alot of people. I get what you are saying but perhaps thats their form of therapy.

  3. BgKahuna Says:

    Everything on my blog, twitter, and facebook account is true and accurate.
    So help me God.

  4. I am open to whatever people want to put on their blog, so long as they are the same in person.

    At the last Social Media Indy, @mooshinindy spoke her mind aloud in the same way she does in her blog. Who doesn’t love that?

    At the same time, people like @rntgirl crack me up, but I bet she keep things low key at the office.

    I cannot stand people who are bare their soul online but don’t want any attention when you see them. If you blogged it, I am going to ask you about it. Often.

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