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My kid is a stinker, but I love him July 27, 2010

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It’s amazing, these little people that we have, nurture, love, teach, and  inspire, can become such stinkers.

I’m sitting here doing some work and my son, Kameron (Kambo) approaches me with this coupon.  The coupon is from a Reach Magazine that we receive every couple of weeks here in the sticks on the south side.  He says “Mom”, I look up, again “Mom”, I say “Yes Kameron”.  He very proudly shows me a coupon that is offering a discount for a family vacation to  Bounce House Guys.  Never heard of this place, but he thought from the pictures, it seemed like a cool place to go.  For a mere $995.00 our family could enjoy four (4) days at this fabulous resort (which I’m sure caters to the little people).  Not a lot of details with the coupon or the advertisement; but here’s my thought.  I’m not going anywhere for $995.00 unless it involves a beach, and a margarita or two.  May sound selfish, but, when money’s tight, you have to think about Mom and Dad’s fun and enjoyment.  My guess is Bounce House Guys doesn’t cater to parent’s fun and enjoyment.

I said to my very first child syndrome, type A, child,” Boo, I’m sure it’s great, but we aren’t going to Bounce House.”

He, very dramatically, said “FINE” and ripped up the coupon in front of me, and threw it in the trash.  Proceeded to stomp off to his room to pout.

I thought to myself, what just happened?

Then I realized, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Dr. Phil (one of my faves) preaches: “Children learn what they live.”   So I suppose in this life lesson my grade was an F-.

But, let’s rethink this from the positive side.  If I would cave and go to the dreaded Bounce House, what would that say about me?

I say yes, children should do things that they enjoy; throughout the year, and during summer vacation.  Kambo has gone to CYO Camp, Boy Scout Camp, and is now in a month long camp at Roncalli where he will be be preforming “Honk” the musical this Friday.  He also is going to Holiday World in a week with his Aunt for some final summer time fun.  Let’s face it folks, he’s had a full summer, that, not thanks to me, but thanks to my Mom.

Growing up I appreciated things a lot more than kids today seem to.  I recognized that my parents worked to allow me to go to a good school. When I was 15 I got a job to pay for the extra things that I wanted (like clothes from Express – and really cool car insurance for my shitty car.)   I’ve probably, no, I know, I’ve slacked trying to protect Kameron because of my Dad’s passing.  It’s not fair to Kameron, and frankly, my Dad would be pissed.  My Dad would want me to pass on the life lessons that he and my Mom taught me growing up.

So the coupon is going to remain shredded in the trash, and I’m going to make Kameron fold laundry tonight – so there.

Destroyed after the coupon incident