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Father’s Day June 16, 2010

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No offense, but if I hear one more commercial or mention of Father’s Day this year you might find me sitting in a corner drooling on myself.  Just kidding…sorta.

The fact is I’m jealous.  It’s been 9 months since I lost my Dad, but to me it seems like yesterday that the man that I loved so much was taken from me.

I was standing in Meijer with Kameron the other day, and he said, we need to get a Father’s Day card for Kerry, it’s coming up.  Lump in my throat, I agreed to meander over to the card isle to pick out something for Mr. D.  When we got over there I reluctantly stood behind Kameron as he glanced over the cards that said Dad, Step-Dad, Father, Grandpa – and started to cry.   I tried so hard to hold back the tears, but they wouldn’t stop.  Kameron turned around with card in hand and said – this is the one for Kerry Mom.  I quickly brushed away the tears, and said, that looks perfect Boo, and we left the card isle.

After my Dad was gone obviously there were some things that we had to go through.  Drawers, closet, medicine cabinet, you can imagine, very emotional, very raw.  Driving home from the store, I remembered that I found every Father’s Day card that I had gotten my Dad over the last ten years in his top dresser drawer after he died.  Some people are just that sentimental, my Dad was one of those people.  Which makes me miss him and appreciate the relationship we had even more.

So cheers Johnno, have a PBR with the Big Guy upstairs.

Me & Dad


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