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Proud Mom, heavy heart June 30, 2010

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Those of you that know me could probably answer this question pretty easily.

Is Stephanie Daily an outdoorsy type or not?  A Resounding No should be the answer.

My son was in Boy Scout camp over the last four days.  Last night they had their closing ceremony.  Parents could come down and eat some really gross camp food with their kids (sorry, it was).  Then you could go see the kids campground, consisting of very old tents, and damp towels, with socks everywhere.  Then you went on a hike, which by the way, I learned that you can start a fire with a 9 volt battery and steel wool.   Then you went down to this gathering place – you know the place – surrounded by trees, with the wooden benches that you sit around, big fire pit, and a tee-pee behind you – that place.  The scouts did skits for the parents, they did a few songs, a flag ceremony, and the boys were off, back to their damp tents for one more night of glee before returning home to their TV’s and DSI worlds.

While I was sitting there being totally annoyed with the mosquito population that decided to feast on my poor flesh during the closing ceremony, I thought to myself, this really sucks.  I was totally sticking it out for my son.  He was so proud to have me and Mr D there to show us all that he had accomplished.  Some tomahawk throwing, building of fires, swimming, making a wooden pocket knife, real boy stuff.

What threw me off in the middle of being eaten alive by mosquitoes is what happened next.  A man that I have never met before approached me and said “Are you Kameron’s Mom”?  Now, this could be either a really good thing, or a sorta bad thing.  I smiled and said, “yes I am”, swatting another mosquito away.  (I doused myself in bug spray – by the way).  He said, “did anyone tell you about the trading post and the money?”  Immediately, oh shit, went through my head.  What could have possibly happened there?  He went on to tell me this story:

“The Trading Post is where boys can buy things that they want from camp.  Including raccoon hats, rabbit skins, walking sticks, gum, pop, gummy worms (you get the picture).  On the day that Kameron’s group went to the Trading Post he picked out a few items, paid for them and they went back to their campsite.  After returning to his camp site Kameron noticed something, and brought it to my attention.  The teen at the Trading Post had given him too much change back from his purchase.  He said, Kameron told me I was only suppose to have two dollars($2) back, and they gave me ten dollars ($10) back.  Then he told me we needed to go back to the Trading Post to return the money.”

You know that moment when you gasp on the inside?

I had two other men tell me that story before I left camp.  How impressed they were with Kameron’s honesty, and that he wanted to do the right thing.  I told them all the same thing, I wish I could take credit for that, but I can’t.

My Dad taught Kameron that.  I know, because he did the exact same thing time and time again over his 63 years here.  My Dad worked retail, and knew if a register didn’t match up at the end of the night someone had some explaining to do.  So he always would go back if the change wasn’t right.  It didn’t matter if it was ten cents or ten dollars.  My Dad picked Kameron up from school a lot for me, so I’m sure that occurrence had happened more than once.  I can just hear my Dad saying “Oh, Kambo, hang on bud, they gave me the wrong change here, I have to take it back.”  Because it was the right thing to do.

Even though I miss my Dad terribly, I will never be able to express how grateful I am for all of the life lessons he obviously instilled in my son.  So even though Johnno wasn’t physically there at the Trading Post, he was there in spirit, proud.


Need A Car Doc? June 29, 2010

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Want to support a great local business in Indianapolis?  Check out John Cannon’s company, My Car Doc.

My Car Doc is a mobile mechanic that will come to your home or work to perform regularly scheduled maintenance on your car.  Now here is the best part, it’s when you want them to come!  Imagine that, a car mechanic that actually works around your schedule, incredible.  John and his trained mechanics can do a number of services from oil changes, brakes, wiper replacement, tire rotations, air conditioning work, the list goes on and on.

Here is a true story about not only John’s company and their services, but a story about John’s character and passion for helping people.

I saw a message on twitter ( that one of my friends was having car trouble at 6:00 a.m. on a snowy day in December 2009.  On his way to work his car died on the side of the road traveling south on I 65.  I sent him a message and asked what was going on.  He sent me a message back saying he was on his way to work and he didn’t know what had happened, his car just died.  I suggest that he call John, he said that he didn’t know John, I said trust me, John will take care of you.  In the mean time I sent John a message on twitter saying that my friend’s car was broken down on the side of the highway and could he help him.  John responded to me within minutes and said, absolutely, what is his number, I’ll give him a call.  I gave him my friends number and left it at that.  About 20 minutes later my friend called me to say that John had called him and that he was going to send someone to look at his car later that morning.  Later that day one of the My Car Doc team went down to look at the car, towed it to a place where it wouldn’t be damaged, and diagnosed that it would need a new engine.  Can you imagine how devastating it could be to hear that your car would need a new engine, especially so close to Christmas?  John assured my friend that he would find him the best deal that he could, and do the work for him to ensure the job was done right.  In the end, my friend got a new engine, and John got a client for life.

That is only one of the stories I could share about John and My Car Doc, but it’s a pretty darn good one.

I highly recommend My Car Doc for any of your car service needs.

You can check them out at:


Good Guys June 22, 2010

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I’m stealing this from a Hallmark Card – Dedicated to all the “Good Guys” in the world..

Good Guys make thinks happen, good guys get things done, make the work look easy, makes the job seem fun, try a little harder, show the world their pride, celebrate the good stuff, take the rest in stride…

Good Guys make a difference in their quiet way, seldom seem like heroes till they save the day, plan a little smarter, wisely wait to see what’s the best direction for their family…

Good Guys do the right thing, care and pray a lot , never sweat the small stuff, give their best shot, always go the distance, see their loved ones through..


Father’s Day June 16, 2010

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No offense, but if I hear one more commercial or mention of Father’s Day this year you might find me sitting in a corner drooling on myself.  Just kidding…sorta.

The fact is I’m jealous.  It’s been 9 months since I lost my Dad, but to me it seems like yesterday that the man that I loved so much was taken from me.

I was standing in Meijer with Kameron the other day, and he said, we need to get a Father’s Day card for Kerry, it’s coming up.  Lump in my throat, I agreed to meander over to the card isle to pick out something for Mr. D.  When we got over there I reluctantly stood behind Kameron as he glanced over the cards that said Dad, Step-Dad, Father, Grandpa – and started to cry.   I tried so hard to hold back the tears, but they wouldn’t stop.  Kameron turned around with card in hand and said – this is the one for Kerry Mom.  I quickly brushed away the tears, and said, that looks perfect Boo, and we left the card isle.

After my Dad was gone obviously there were some things that we had to go through.  Drawers, closet, medicine cabinet, you can imagine, very emotional, very raw.  Driving home from the store, I remembered that I found every Father’s Day card that I had gotten my Dad over the last ten years in his top dresser drawer after he died.  Some people are just that sentimental, my Dad was one of those people.  Which makes me miss him and appreciate the relationship we had even more.

So cheers Johnno, have a PBR with the Big Guy upstairs.

Me & Dad


Where is the “love” June 3, 2010

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Call me crazy… I just don’t understand where the love/respect has diminished from our children.

Back in the day, if an adult spoke to me, and I didn’t acknowledge them, I would get my ass kicked.  My parents taught me to respect adults, even if the adults were completely ridiculous.  Don’t get me wrong, some of them were absolutely ridiculous, but I knew if I didn’t respond to the “How are you Stephanie, how is school going” question there would be hell to pay later.

Children learn what they live, be careful what you teach.