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Thank You May 26, 2010

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This post is LONG OVERDO.

As many of you know I lost my Dad in September.  It was one of the worst things that I’ve ever experienced in my life.  If I ever needed anything, I knew that I could pick up the phone, and my Dad would be there for me.  Even for the most ridiculous things.  I would tell him, Dad, you really don’t have to, and he would say, “Of course I do baby.”  People that genuinely want to help other people are a rare commodity these days, at least that is what I thought, until October.

So in 2007 ten days after me and Mr. D got married I lost my job.  I worked for that insurance company, you probably had never heard of them.  Begins with an “A” and ends with a “G” – laid off 40% of their workforce.  Like I said, you probably don’t know them.  Anyway TEN days after my freakin wedding, talk about going from Hero to Zero really damn quick.

So I wandered around aimlessly doing a few things, trying to find a job that would replace or at least compliment my income that I had lost.  That’s right about when the job market tanked.  Thankfully, I have a very understanding,  rock solid husband who told me to wait until I found something that I really wanted to do.  The insurance industry had jaded me, I just didn’t love it anymore.  This was 2007.

Fast forward to October 2009.  Still technically jobless.  I had done a few sales things, but when my Dad got sick in August the emergency brake when on; and in September when he passed away I was at a complete halt.

In the mean time over the summer of 2009 I had met some Social Media people.  All very nice, welcoming, willing to help me.  I finally swallowed my pride and called Lorraine Ball (@roundpeg) and said – I need a job, can you help me.  She asked what I was interested in, what my background was, etc.  Then she invited me to a Rainmakers event that night.  That invite changed my life, because that is when I actually got to talk to Robby Slaughter (@robbyslaughter – @slaughterdev).

Those of you that know me will find this very hard to believe.  After my Dad died, I became very recluse.  I would get invited to events, and I would make up excuses not to go.  Or, say I would go, and get in my car, get half way there, turn around, and go home.  Or, I would have to give myself a pep-talk, a Big Time pep-talk to go.

So when I was at the Rainmakers event and ran into Robby it caught me off guard when he asked if I was ok.  I said why do you ask (not knowing that I looked shaken).  He mentioned that he had read some things on Twitter/Facebook, people asking if I was ok, etc.  I explained to him that my Dad had recently passed away, and that I had no idea what the hell I was doing at this event. Robby offered his condolences not knowing what had happened.  Then he said:  “Well, you must have come tonight for something” – nothing like Robby to be direct.  I remember pausing, and then saying, I need a job.  Robby grabbed his notebook that he carries with him and said, what do you want to do?  I paused again and said I don’t know.  Then he said, you’re pretty good with this Social Media thing, have you ever thought about doing it for companies?  People actually do that; I said laughing.  He smiled and said, send me your resume, we’ll talk.

That one moment, that one person, pulled me out of hell, and brought me back.

Robby gave me an opportunity to change the direction of my life. Being able to help companies or other people with their Social Media needs is what I LOVE  to do, thanks to Robby, I’m able to do that.  I will be eternally grateful for that.  Someday, it is my hope that I able to help someone else see it, believe it, and achieve it.

I will forget someone – but I also owe thanks to Lorraine Ball @roundpeg, Kyle Lacy @kyleplacy, Erik Deckers @edeckers, @BgKahuna, Ryan Cox @coxymoney, Shawn Quick-Raflif @shawnieqr, Deseri Garcia @vida_aventura & All of my other Social Media Friends/Co-workers/Fellow Troublemakers!


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  1. Jan Dye Says:

    You Rock Girl! Keep on

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