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What Are Your Kids Using? May 16, 2010

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Yesterday, I was where I always am at 3:00, Our Lady of Greenwood School, to pick up my son Kameron, who’s a 4th grader there. I’m the Mayor of OLG on Foursquare – so there!! The school houses about 500 kids, we have a bus service, but a lot of kids get picked up by their parents, which results in a massive car line. The car line is very organized, so I don’t mind. Like most things at OLG they run like a well oiled machine.

So I’m sitting there texting my friend, updating my twitter account, reading what everyone is up to at this particular time. It’s my catch up time. Yesterday, when the bell rang, and children started to file out of school, I noticed something. Anyone that was over the age – of like 12 – had their cell phone out, texting, talking, flipping through screens. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw it, a kid probably 13, checking out their Facebook page. HUNH, I said to myself out-loud. It made me think of me growing up, with out said cell phone, and just how mischievous I was – WITHOUT IT. One example comes to mind, talking to my friend Jenny at 2 a.m., on the phone that was attached to the wall in my room, deciding that she would be by to pick me up in 15 so we could go get some cheese fries at Steak N Shake, cause it sounded good. Crawling out the bedroom window, and off to Steak N Shake we go. That’s just one example, but you catch my drift. In the old days you would have to talk really quietly on the phone for fear that your parents might hear you, pick up the phone, listen in on your conversation, and the plan was foiled. Or you’d be half way out the window, and feel a poke on your shoulder, you knew you were dead meat. Now, kids don’t even have to talk quietly on the phone, they can text. Bullying doesn’t necessarily happen on the play ground at recess where there’s a few kids around. It can happen on any cell, Facebook, or Twitter page, and can be shouted out instantaneously to the bullies 253 friends, who can all comment..

I would be interested in taking a (anonymous) survey of children in the 7th and 8th grade to see if they have a Facebook page, or a Twitter account. Whether or not their parents know about it.

I would be willing to talk Twitter or Facebook with a PTO one night. IDEA – instead of talking trash bags, let’s get some real, important, information out there. Some parents know the lingo, others don’t know what a “re-tweet”, “mention”, or a “dm” is. I’d be willing to bet they would consider it important after hearing a little information.

I’m gonna try to take a head count of how many kids are on their cell phones today after school.

As for Kameron, he’s not getting a cell phone until he’s like 20.

Jan. 2010


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