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Tiger Just Did That.. May 16, 2010

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I’ve never been a Tiger Woods fan.

Even before he crashed his SUV into that fire hydrant at the wee morning hours, I always had a bad feeling about Tiger. Nothing in particular, just something in the pit of my stomach that said, you know, there’s just something not right about him. When I did hear of the early morning mishap and that his wife heroically saved him with his 9 iron, I thought to myself, something’s up. Scandal, voicemails, text messages, pictures, videos, numerous women later, I found that I was right about my intuition.

Then Tiger asks the public to leave this private matter to his family. Excuse me Mr. Thing, but if you live your life in the public spotlight, and you are fooling around with every Jane, Sue, and Sally, you’re up for some scrutiny. Especially if you ask for it to be private, your fellow Americans will unleash their moral hounds on you.

Then his semi-quasi apology to limited press, with no questions? Pathetic.

Now, all geared up for his comeback at The Masters, something good has to come of the mess Tiger has ensued on himself. I can hear the PR Guy now. It has to be BIG, BOLD! You have to show that you’re ready to play, but you realize what a toll this scandal has taken on your fan base. Your reputation is on the line, you need a role model, where do we turn? Sigh, it’s too bad your Father isn’t alive….WAIT!

One word, despicable.

I lost my Father last year. I think about things that I would ask him about today. I close my eyes and ask the questions privately to myself, and the answers I believe he wants me to have come to me, privately. Not to be recorded, and played back for the world to hear after he’s passed away. Not for someone to put a camera in my face and to have his voice come over so I can look miserable, disappointed, disgusted with myself, to get back some public approval. That to me is more vile than all of the women he hooked up with at the proverbial 19th hole.

Tiger took something that should have been private, his father’s words, and slung them through the mud for 34 seconds. Obviously nothing is private or sacred to Tiger.


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