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Measure Social Media Results May 16, 2010

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Coming from a sales background, I know all about results. In my old life, results were everything. I’ve sat in “That” board room, going over year-end results, measuring results of your blood, sweat, and tears, and have been told, yeah, you were the best in your territory, but here’s the bottom line. In the pit of a sales person’s stomach, the bottom drops out, and you magically sink into the the comfy leather chairs, feeling two feet tall. That’s a very Alice in Wonderland experience, without the pipe smokin Caterpillar.

I’m ok with result measurements. It needs to be done. In the world of Social Media, you can talk all day long about how great it is, or how your company need to get involved, but if you can’t measure it, it’s all a bunch of smoke filled, coffee house crap!

What I do, and how I’m different:

Your company will receive results based ghost-tweeting from me. Measured weekly (in most cases) you will see what I have done, and whether or not it produced any results for your company. My service provides “X” number of “tweets” per day, based of what your company decides the amount of exposure it wants on Twitter. Everything else that happens, has a “Point Value”. If my efforts produce a “re-tweet”, (rt), that has a point value. If my efforts produce a “direct-message”, (dm), that has a point value. If my efforts get you a “mention”, that has a point value. The best part of the system is that you can see the results. There is no question whether or not Social Media (Twitter) helped you or your company, you can see it for yourself.

Interested in hearing more – give me a jingle (317) 694-9529, or dm me at @seppichdaily


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