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A Story Too Good Not To Share May 16, 2010

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Never underestimate the power of Twitter. I mean, I knew Twitter was powerful, but until yesterday, I had no idea how powerful less than 140 characters could be.

Self proclaimed, Favre Obsessor, I love Brett. If you know me at all, you’re like duh.. So I was watching a Vikings game about 3 weeks ago when I saw a commercial from the NFL Pro Shop, get this, you can customize a shirt, any way you want. My husband looked at me and was like, you should get a shirt that says Stephanie Favre on it, wouldn’t that be funny? He says, you have wanted that last name forever, now, you can have it. A light went off in my head, I’m guessing it was like the same kind of light that went off on Enistein’s head when he thought of the Theory of Relativity – Genuis, pure genius….

So I got on the website, and started my customized order. Stephanie was apparently too long for the back of the shirt, so “Steph Favre” it is..I’m ok with that. I read the disclaimer at the end of the order that pretty much said, in my words, this order is on you. SO if the spelling, etc. is screwed up, it’s on you. I’m ok with that, I checked and rechecked the spelling to make sure it was perfect, and hit SEND. Order complete, confirmation number, 4-6 weeks delivery – bah humbug, but all the same, I was giddy with anticipation.

So Tuesday, the big brown UPS truck stopped at my house, with, none other than my customized shirt. I was like a kid at Christmas, so excited… I tore open the box and looked at my shirt. Vikings guy on the front, check, a big #4 on the back, check, Steph Farve, holy crap…Favre was spelled wrong. My heart sunk. Did I make a mistake, there is no way…Thankfully, the power of the intranet let me go back and look at my order again. Did I spell it wrong…. NO.. Confused, I called the 800 number of the NFL Pro Shop to plead my case.

I get this semi snarky customer service rep, I explained to him what happened, and said I know that you have these customization rules, but what I submitted was correct, I rechecked the order. His answer, you will have to send said shirt back, I will e-mail you a UPS label so you can return the shirt, that will take 2-3 weeks to get (seriously?) then, we will have to investigate this matter. I say, can’t you see my order, he says yes, I say, well then you know it wasn’t a mistake on my part, he says, we are going to have to investigate it. Not extremely excited about the response I was getting, he says, are you happy with the customer service I gave to you today – I say NO, he says I’m sorry mam, have a nice day…. THAT’S IT? Really, that’s it? No, that is where it all began..

I put a post on Twitter, “Do not order anything from the NFL Pro Shop, their customer service is not helpful.” I left it at that. 26 seconds later, I got a message from the NFL Pro Shop, “We are sorry you had a problem with you order, can you send us the order number?” So I respond with the order number and saying that my shirt was spelled incorrectly. They respond that they are having a Senior Customer Service Manager look into it, they will get back to me. I’m thinking ok…sure they will.

Yesterday, I had plans to decorate a Christmas table with my Mom for a “Moms Event” at my church. On my way, I get a phone call from a restricted number, I couldn’t get to my phone in time to answer, but I figured, if it’s important, they will leave a message. Message received, its Jill from the NFL Shop Headquarters in New York — she understands that I’ve had a problem with my order and would like to talk to me about it. I call her back, get her voice mail, leave a message. She calls me back, missed her call again, she leaves me a message that I just can’t believe…(I saved it in case anyone wants to hear it).. I call her back and get her – the conversation in a nutshell.

Jill, Hi this is Stephanie Daily returning your call. Yes, Stephanie, sorry I missed your call from earlier, I was in a meeting..(Me) No problem. (Jill) I understand that you had a problem with your order (Me) Yes – I go on to explain what happened to her…

(Jill) Where are you from? (Me) Umm…Indiana… (Jill) you posted this on Twitter? (Me) Yeah.. (Jill) I have a personal Twitter account, I had no idea we – being the NFL Pro Shop – had a Twitter account. (Me) Apparently you do (Jill) Apparently….(Me) I’m not looking to cause trouble for anyone.. (Jill) No, actually I want to thank you, you’ve made my job a lot easier.. (Me) Really? (Jill) yes, I had to field these service problems, but we actually changed our customization rules and verbiage because of you – are you @seppichdaily? (Me) yes.. (Jill) I’m looking at your picture right now….(YIKES – In My Head)….This went to my Bosses Bosses Boss, I’ve been cc’d on this e mail trail since Tuesday. Here’s what we’re going to do, reprint you a new shirt, it will be overnighted to you, refund you for the original shirt, and we are very sorry for your trouble. (Me) OK….Well, if it helps, I will put something out on Twitter that you were very helpful Jill, do you have a last name? (Jill) I’m the only Jill here.. (Me) Ok, that will make it easier, guess you’ve earned the Gold Star today… (Jill) is there anything else I can help you with Ms. Daily? (Me) No, you’ve been very helpful, have a nice holiday.. (Jill) you as well…

26 seconds…For them to read, respond, and react…

At 9:25 am while I’m writing this the UPS truck showed up with my new Steph Favre shirt, spelled correctly. I’m wearing it to lunch with the Divas today.

I would have never believed this story if it had not actually happened to me. I wasn’t trying to be snarky, I’m just a girl in Indiana that wanted a Steph Favre shirt..

I’ll never underestimate the power of Twitter again. Thanks to Jill and the NFL Pro Shop for making this an interesting, eye opening, experience.

I kinda felt like the guy in the movie “Burn After Reading” – Who’s this @seppichdaily girl, take care of it…geez…


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