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Intro To Business Coaching | Why And How Of Twitter May 26, 2010

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Date:     Tuesday, June 15th

Time:    8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m

Place:   11611 N. Meridian Street, Suite 100

I am very excited to invite you to a morning with great information about Business Coaching with Deseri Garcia of Vida Aventura, and Why and How of Twitter with me @seppichdaily.

Have you ever thought about Business Coaching and you weren’t really sure how it worked or what the process was. From 8:00-9:00 a.m. learn the role of a Business Coach, how coaching can help guide your business development process, sales, marketing, management and team building.

You’ve heard of Twitter, but you really don’t know the in’s and out’s of it, or why you even have an account. From 10:30-11:30 a.m. I will go through some Twitter 101 with you, and how it can improve your business through the power of engagement.


Thank You

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This post is LONG OVERDO.

As many of you know I lost my Dad in September.  It was one of the worst things that I’ve ever experienced in my life.  If I ever needed anything, I knew that I could pick up the phone, and my Dad would be there for me.  Even for the most ridiculous things.  I would tell him, Dad, you really don’t have to, and he would say, “Of course I do baby.”  People that genuinely want to help other people are a rare commodity these days, at least that is what I thought, until October.

So in 2007 ten days after me and Mr. D got married I lost my job.  I worked for that insurance company, you probably had never heard of them.  Begins with an “A” and ends with a “G” – laid off 40% of their workforce.  Like I said, you probably don’t know them.  Anyway TEN days after my freakin wedding, talk about going from Hero to Zero really damn quick.

So I wandered around aimlessly doing a few things, trying to find a job that would replace or at least compliment my income that I had lost.  That’s right about when the job market tanked.  Thankfully, I have a very understanding,  rock solid husband who told me to wait until I found something that I really wanted to do.  The insurance industry had jaded me, I just didn’t love it anymore.  This was 2007.

Fast forward to October 2009.  Still technically jobless.  I had done a few sales things, but when my Dad got sick in August the emergency brake when on; and in September when he passed away I was at a complete halt.

In the mean time over the summer of 2009 I had met some Social Media people.  All very nice, welcoming, willing to help me.  I finally swallowed my pride and called Lorraine Ball (@roundpeg) and said – I need a job, can you help me.  She asked what I was interested in, what my background was, etc.  Then she invited me to a Rainmakers event that night.  That invite changed my life, because that is when I actually got to talk to Robby Slaughter (@robbyslaughter – @slaughterdev).

Those of you that know me will find this very hard to believe.  After my Dad died, I became very recluse.  I would get invited to events, and I would make up excuses not to go.  Or, say I would go, and get in my car, get half way there, turn around, and go home.  Or, I would have to give myself a pep-talk, a Big Time pep-talk to go.

So when I was at the Rainmakers event and ran into Robby it caught me off guard when he asked if I was ok.  I said why do you ask (not knowing that I looked shaken).  He mentioned that he had read some things on Twitter/Facebook, people asking if I was ok, etc.  I explained to him that my Dad had recently passed away, and that I had no idea what the hell I was doing at this event. Robby offered his condolences not knowing what had happened.  Then he said:  “Well, you must have come tonight for something” – nothing like Robby to be direct.  I remember pausing, and then saying, I need a job.  Robby grabbed his notebook that he carries with him and said, what do you want to do?  I paused again and said I don’t know.  Then he said, you’re pretty good with this Social Media thing, have you ever thought about doing it for companies?  People actually do that; I said laughing.  He smiled and said, send me your resume, we’ll talk.

That one moment, that one person, pulled me out of hell, and brought me back.

Robby gave me an opportunity to change the direction of my life. Being able to help companies or other people with their Social Media needs is what I LOVE  to do, thanks to Robby, I’m able to do that.  I will be eternally grateful for that.  Someday, it is my hope that I able to help someone else see it, believe it, and achieve it.

I will forget someone – but I also owe thanks to Lorraine Ball @roundpeg, Kyle Lacy @kyleplacy, Erik Deckers @edeckers, @BgKahuna, Ryan Cox @coxymoney, Shawn Quick-Raflif @shawnieqr, Deseri Garcia @vida_aventura & All of my other Social Media Friends/Co-workers/Fellow Troublemakers!


Please say it’s so Brett May 23, 2010

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So Friday night I was up watching tv around 10:00.  Mr. D was in zonked out mode from being at the track (Indy 500) all day eating and drinking.  I even knew that I really needed to get some shut-eye.  I was going to have to get up at 5:45 am to pick up my Cousin from work. Yet there I was, wide awake.

Like a good twitter/email addict I had my phone right by me.  Volume turned down so to not disturb Mr. D.  So when it buzzed at 10:26 p.m. I immediately picked it up and looked at it.  Email, from The Official Brett Favre Website, subject “Breaking Brett Favre News and Fathers Day Specials”.  How fast do you think that I opened that e-mail?  It said:

“This is to confirm that I did have a procedure to remove some scar tissue and bone spurs from my ankle that have been bothering me for a period of time.  I appreciate your concerns”  Thanks – Brett

My thoughts immediately, HE’S COMING BACK!

I was so overcome with joy I woke up Mr. D from his track day slumber to show him the e-mail. I shook him and said Kerry – he jumped almost out of bed and said WHAT!?! I said LOOK!  I showed him the email, he wasn’t nearly as impressed or excited as I was and went back to sleep.

I was so happy, I just sat there in my bliss.  Surely, if he didn’t have intentions on coming back, he wouldn’t have the surgery.  I mean, he didn’t have the surgery on his arm until the summer last year, came back, and had one of the best years in his career.

And I know, believe me, I know people are tired of Brett’s will I or won’t I play drama that ensues us every year since he originally retired from Green Bay and decided to come back and play for the J.E.T.S.  I understand it.  My opinion, Brett is so pissed off about what happened in Green Bay, I think he would play in crutches or a wheelchair before he throws in the towel on football without another Super Bowl.  Obviously, there has to be a time when he will stop playing (even though I’ll be crushed) but not this year.  He was too close to that Lombardi Trophy to not give it one more shot.

And the first regular season game is Vikes vs Saints 9-9-10, revenge time, I mean that’s just too good to pass up.  After looking at their 2010 schedule, they could easily win 13, maybe even 14 games this year.

So Brett, please grant me my Birthday Wish, and say you’re coming back for just ONE MORE!


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Cousin: “So do you have any medical history we need to know about?”

Response: “Naw Girl, I’m in great shape.  I ran from the cops.”


Tiger Just Did That.. May 16, 2010

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I’ve never been a Tiger Woods fan.

Even before he crashed his SUV into that fire hydrant at the wee morning hours, I always had a bad feeling about Tiger. Nothing in particular, just something in the pit of my stomach that said, you know, there’s just something not right about him. When I did hear of the early morning mishap and that his wife heroically saved him with his 9 iron, I thought to myself, something’s up. Scandal, voicemails, text messages, pictures, videos, numerous women later, I found that I was right about my intuition.

Then Tiger asks the public to leave this private matter to his family. Excuse me Mr. Thing, but if you live your life in the public spotlight, and you are fooling around with every Jane, Sue, and Sally, you’re up for some scrutiny. Especially if you ask for it to be private, your fellow Americans will unleash their moral hounds on you.

Then his semi-quasi apology to limited press, with no questions? Pathetic.

Now, all geared up for his comeback at The Masters, something good has to come of the mess Tiger has ensued on himself. I can hear the PR Guy now. It has to be BIG, BOLD! You have to show that you’re ready to play, but you realize what a toll this scandal has taken on your fan base. Your reputation is on the line, you need a role model, where do we turn? Sigh, it’s too bad your Father isn’t alive….WAIT!

One word, despicable.

I lost my Father last year. I think about things that I would ask him about today. I close my eyes and ask the questions privately to myself, and the answers I believe he wants me to have come to me, privately. Not to be recorded, and played back for the world to hear after he’s passed away. Not for someone to put a camera in my face and to have his voice come over so I can look miserable, disappointed, disgusted with myself, to get back some public approval. That to me is more vile than all of the women he hooked up with at the proverbial 19th hole.

Tiger took something that should have been private, his father’s words, and slung them through the mud for 34 seconds. Obviously nothing is private or sacred to Tiger.


Review for @kyleplacy’s book “Twitter Marketing For Dummies”

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As a small, medium, or large business, odds are you’ve heard of the phenomenon that is Twitter. You know about it — even visited Maybe you created a profile. Then you sat in front of your computer and wondered — now what?

Enter Kyle Lacy, and “Twitter Marketing For Dummies.” Kyle’s straightforward savvy shines through the book. Kyle starts at ground level, walking you through how to create a Twitter account, finding people to follow, and building your online Twitter community. Read on, and you can upgrade your Twitter self! Kyle teaches you how to implement your Twitter marketing strategy through tips and suggestions that have been successful for him and his business. Finally, Kyle navigates you through promoting your company to develop sales leads, relating to the public, and “The Do’s” of Twitter.

Thanks to Kyle for sharing his Twitter savvy with all of us! A must read for anyone that wants to explore the Twitter-verse!


Measure Social Media Results

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Coming from a sales background, I know all about results. In my old life, results were everything. I’ve sat in “That” board room, going over year-end results, measuring results of your blood, sweat, and tears, and have been told, yeah, you were the best in your territory, but here’s the bottom line. In the pit of a sales person’s stomach, the bottom drops out, and you magically sink into the the comfy leather chairs, feeling two feet tall. That’s a very Alice in Wonderland experience, without the pipe smokin Caterpillar.

I’m ok with result measurements. It needs to be done. In the world of Social Media, you can talk all day long about how great it is, or how your company need to get involved, but if you can’t measure it, it’s all a bunch of smoke filled, coffee house crap!

What I do, and how I’m different:

Your company will receive results based ghost-tweeting from me. Measured weekly (in most cases) you will see what I have done, and whether or not it produced any results for your company. My service provides “X” number of “tweets” per day, based of what your company decides the amount of exposure it wants on Twitter. Everything else that happens, has a “Point Value”. If my efforts produce a “re-tweet”, (rt), that has a point value. If my efforts produce a “direct-message”, (dm), that has a point value. If my efforts get you a “mention”, that has a point value. The best part of the system is that you can see the results. There is no question whether or not Social Media (Twitter) helped you or your company, you can see it for yourself.

Interested in hearing more – give me a jingle (317) 694-9529, or dm me at @seppichdaily


What Are Your Kids Using?

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Yesterday, I was where I always am at 3:00, Our Lady of Greenwood School, to pick up my son Kameron, who’s a 4th grader there. I’m the Mayor of OLG on Foursquare – so there!! The school houses about 500 kids, we have a bus service, but a lot of kids get picked up by their parents, which results in a massive car line. The car line is very organized, so I don’t mind. Like most things at OLG they run like a well oiled machine.

So I’m sitting there texting my friend, updating my twitter account, reading what everyone is up to at this particular time. It’s my catch up time. Yesterday, when the bell rang, and children started to file out of school, I noticed something. Anyone that was over the age – of like 12 – had their cell phone out, texting, talking, flipping through screens. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw it, a kid probably 13, checking out their Facebook page. HUNH, I said to myself out-loud. It made me think of me growing up, with out said cell phone, and just how mischievous I was – WITHOUT IT. One example comes to mind, talking to my friend Jenny at 2 a.m., on the phone that was attached to the wall in my room, deciding that she would be by to pick me up in 15 so we could go get some cheese fries at Steak N Shake, cause it sounded good. Crawling out the bedroom window, and off to Steak N Shake we go. That’s just one example, but you catch my drift. In the old days you would have to talk really quietly on the phone for fear that your parents might hear you, pick up the phone, listen in on your conversation, and the plan was foiled. Or you’d be half way out the window, and feel a poke on your shoulder, you knew you were dead meat. Now, kids don’t even have to talk quietly on the phone, they can text. Bullying doesn’t necessarily happen on the play ground at recess where there’s a few kids around. It can happen on any cell, Facebook, or Twitter page, and can be shouted out instantaneously to the bullies 253 friends, who can all comment..

I would be interested in taking a (anonymous) survey of children in the 7th and 8th grade to see if they have a Facebook page, or a Twitter account. Whether or not their parents know about it.

I would be willing to talk Twitter or Facebook with a PTO one night. IDEA – instead of talking trash bags, let’s get some real, important, information out there. Some parents know the lingo, others don’t know what a “re-tweet”, “mention”, or a “dm” is. I’d be willing to bet they would consider it important after hearing a little information.

I’m gonna try to take a head count of how many kids are on their cell phones today after school.

As for Kameron, he’s not getting a cell phone until he’s like 20.

Jan. 2010


My Name Is Stephanie, Former Hothead

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Man….Am I glad I’m not in my “Hot Head” Stephanie days anymore..

Even though those days were controversial and fun; by the way, I had more than my fair share of fun. I’m sincerely glad in this Twitter age that I’m not the hot head I used to be.

I look at my Twitter feed a lot, if I have a spare second, I’m pretty much there. Just to see what is going on, more specifically, what is going on with my friends and followers. Some of the stuff I see, really makes me snicker, in more sever cases, just shake my head in disbelief. Did that person really just go there? Why? Did it make you feel any better to cut someone down, or put them is their place you *think* they deserve? In my earlier years, I would have jumped on the “I can’t believe you just said that bandwagon” or “Why would you ever say that out-loud; more specifically, for all of your followers to see?” Now, if I get the urge to send that 140 character message to someone, I just remind myself that it is better to help, than to hurt. It’s better to be positive, than to spread negative energy around. Abrasiveness, negativity, at the end of the day, is it really worth it?

The answer I’m screaming at you from my living room is…..No, sincerely, NO!



#HITW Hole In The Wall Lunch Group

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When I happened on the Smaller Indiana website I was definitely intrigued by the tag line “Making people and ideas findable”. At the time I was job hunting, and someone pointed me in the Smaller Indiana direction. First things first, make a profile, check, next order of business find some groups to participate in. So I searched, found a couple of networking groups that I wanted to be a part of. Then I found The Hole In The Wall Lunch Group, interested, I read on. “No chain restaurants allowed! If you have a favorite dive of a restaurant in Indy or surrounding areas, we want to hear about it. Bonus points for your personal recommendations on the menu.” Food, gatherings, fun, meet new people, I joined without hesitation.

The M.O. on the group, we get together once a month to try out new, or old, places in Indy. I went to my first lunch early this year. I really didn’t know what to expect. What I found was there are some serious Foodies here in Indianapolis. People were laughing, trading stories and business cards, offering referrals to anyone that asked, all while enjoying their lunch. There were about 20 people at my first HITW, all from different backgrounds, (a Data Analyst, Realtor, Phone Company people, a Owner of a local IN biz, a performer, customer service rep, a marketing rep, a social media guru, etc.) all with one common goal – FOOD.

The restaurants like us, because we bring on average 10-20 people into their establishment. We let them know we’re coming ahead of time so they can prepare. We take pictures of the food, write reviews, tweet about it, to get a buzz going about their establishment. On the website, we suggest places to go, what to order when you get there, who the owner is, and to tell them “We” collectively say “Hi”.

I’ve met some of my dearest friends because of the Hole In The Wall Lunch Group. If you would like to join us, we post our lunches on We meet the 3rd Friday of each month at 1:00.

You’re hungry aren’t you?